thread: Help... where to start???

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    May 2005
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    Wink Help... where to start???

    Well I have just convinced it is time to start TTC #2...

    2nd time round I want to use cloth (wanted to with DD but was working FT & thought it not fair for my friend to have to deal with cloth)...

    Now after a career change to home based daycare I will be home myself & really want to use cloth... for eniromental & $ reasons...

    Where is the best place to start investigating.... I am sure there wernt as many options when I was preggers with DD & Looking LOL....

    I am not a sewer so that is out.... but need a little directions to where to start this nappy adventure (which seems like it can become an addiction LOL)


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    Dec 2007
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    Yes it can become an addiction

    Search around the internet, go on different nappy sites, google brands, investigate reviews and ask questions!!! Ask people what their favs are and go from there

    You've done most of the hard work already if you are happy to stick with pocket nappies out of all the choices for style out there!