thread: BFP after a few years trying!! now worried

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    Apr 2009

    BFP after a few years trying!! now worried

    Heya everyone,

    Heres my situation......
    we started trying when about 2 yrs ago, I had PCOS which disapeared about a year ago, but my monthly friend was never on time, came and went when ever she felt like it.
    Started taking multi vitamins and Vitex about 2 months back.

    On the 11th April i started what I thought to be my girlies, bled for 5 days then stopped, then 2 days later started spotting, which isnt like me so I took a HPT an it came back + so i took three more, all positive!!!

    Went to the docs on the 22nd and did the Beta HCG came back at 42 !!!!!
    Just had another one yesterday and will get the results today, but I am really worried I have have like a brown discharge everyday since the spotting!!!

    Worriiieddddd !!!!!!

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    Feb 2008
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    dont worry. Brown discharge is old blood and more than likley has nothing to do with the pregnancy. Cramping and bright red blood is the one u worry about.

    COngrats on ur pregnancy and good luck with the results!

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    as long as your levels go up today all will be good. it is not uncommon to ahve bleeding in teh first few weeks of pregnancy.

    keep positive and congratulations on your

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    Aug 2008

    yep what the other girls said!
    u will be fine, dont stress, and enjoy!


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    Apr 2009

    Thanks guys, i think i just dont want the dissapointment again!
    Ill let you know how it goes !

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    Mar 2009

    Sending you lots of