thread: Hello! I'm newly pregnant and SO excited!!

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    Talking Hello! I'm newly pregnant and SO excited!!

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm new to BB and wanted to share the news that we're expecting our first baby! I'm about 8 weeks, am absolutely exhausted, and have terrible morning sickness. But the GP said the worse I feel the better it is!!

    DH and I are a bit confused on the pregnancy care and birthing choices available to us, and I'm looking forward to thoughts/advice.


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    Woooohoooo Congratz Goosey Girl

    Best of luck xoxox

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    Congratulations! Yes morning sickness is the absolute pits! Hang in there you will get though it soon enough. Enjoy your pregnancy.

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    Welcome to BellyBelly and congratulations on your pregnancy!! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy.

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    Congrats!!!! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!!

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! what a beautiful journey to be embarking on!

    i see you are in canberra?! i had DD in canberra in sept 07. you have the three choices of medical care: private (one in belconnen and the other in deakin, i think that it is it...), then you have public and the birth centres.

    I went private and so was at the john james maternity hospital (southside). if you want to go with this option then start making the calls! it's amazing how fast the OBs book up (i can highly recommend mine).

    otherwise i have heard really great things from my friends about the canberra hospital birth centre too (this will also need to be booked asap).

    there are some threads in the maternity hospital and OB threads in the pregnancy section on canberra options and ppls opinions...i'd start there and get a feel for what kind of care you would like.

    congrats again!

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    Congratulations and welcome to BB!

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    Congratulations Goosey Girl and welcome to BB!

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    Congrats Goosey and welcome!!

    I'm feeling your pain with the morning sickness but if it's any consolation, I'm 10 weeks and it's starting to pass. A little.