thread: I am soooo excited

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    xyzz Guest

    I am soooo excited

    I waited until I was two days late but now I can finally type BFP. I have been trying for 12 months and am so excited to finally see two lines. I am due 12 July 2006. This is my second pregnancy and though I feel very tired and a bit yuck my breasts don't hurt anywhere near what they did last time. Does anyone know if this is normal? I don't even want to think that anything could be going amiss.

    I want to tell the whole world but know I need to wait a few weeks so am telling all those at Belly Belly.

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    Congratulations on you BFP


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    Congratulations on your BFP \/

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    I didn't get sore boobs at all when I was PG with Jacob, so I wouldn't worry about that!

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    jaggard Guest

    WOOO HOOO, what a wonderful feeling huh!!!!

    My boobs were not as sore the 2nd time round, in fact I didn't get any nausea either, as they say no two pregnancies are really the same.

    I'm hopeless I rang half the world as soon as I got a BFP, didn't even wait for the blood test to confirm.

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    WOO HOO. Congratulations on your

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    Feel free to come and join the other ladies in the BellyBuddies Due in July thread...

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    Congratulations on your BFP.

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    Good on you =D> Congratulations!

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    \/ Congratulations on your BFP =D>

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    Congratulations on you BFP.

    I hope you have a very H&H pg.

    My bbs were really sore with Nicholas but with this pg they only slightly hurt and that was because I was poking them all of the time. 8-[ Every pregnancy is different so don't stress.

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    Congratulations on your BFP.

    Take care Leah

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    congratulations!!!! \/

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    Congratulations on your BFP!!