I hoped and prayed for a miracle that I would be pregnant by Christmas. Being 38 and enduring one late miscarriage in May and a very early one on 28th November I really thought I would take some time to conceive.
On Wednesday I did a hpt and it was feintly positive at arms length...
I have continued to do my daily opk's which from 8dpo have slowly got darker... A good indicator!
Today I did another hpt and it was nice and strong. My positive opk was on the 17th of December so I am assuming I conceived on the 18th - cd 21 so that makes me 13dpo. YIPPEE!!!
I feel very different to last time. I feel pregnant. Wow, I FEEL pregnant!
I am not telling dh until after a scan that I have booked for the 23rd of January. I want to tell him there is a baby with a little heart beat. I also just want to go slow this time. I may change my mind between now and then but that is how I am feeling for now.
Happy New Year and thankyou to all of the wonderful women in here who have helped to support me.
Love and baby blessings,