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Thread: Pcos>clomid>pregnancy Signs??

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    nattyd Guest


    Hi Ang3l6a6e,
    Congratulations! I am so excited for you! I am just about to start my first cycle on Clomid so it is really inspiring to hear your story. Wishing you a very healthy pregnancy. Keep us posted on your progress.

    I also have PSOC and have been taking the pill for 10 years before decided to conceive. Unfortunately my period never resumed but I knew that it may take up to a year so I waited and waited and when I got to 8 months I started to really worry and went to see my doctor who diagnosed me with PSOC. Because I didn?t and still don?t get my monthly bleed I am taking Provera which makes you bleed on Day 10 after which I will be commencing Clomid (from Day 2 of my bleed to Day 6). I also have to get HyCoSy procedure done on Day 6-10 and then hope for the best. I am due to start Climod tomorrow and I am feeling VERY anxious about the outcome. Especially when I see my husband jumping around and rubbing my belly thinking that we will have a baby there soon. I?ve told him that our chances are only 1 in 3 but he won?t settle down so I am feeling the pressure.

    I am so glad I have found this forum as the hardest thing I find is not being able to share this with your family and friends. All they do is just hassle about why after 5 years marriage we still don?t have any kids and to be honest I don?t want to be telling them about problems we are having. But what do you say when they keep asking ?When are you having kids??. Every time I hear that question I either walk away or change the topic as I don?t want to break down. It isn?t easy! I wish they would realise that not everyone gets pregnant by just having sex.

    By the way have any of you guys had HyCoSy done? How long does it take and is it painful?

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    Ang3l6a6e Guest

    Default Hi Sue, Natty, Polygirl and Natty

    Sue: Yes I will try not to stress. I am getting blood test results tomorrow. I really can't sleep without this blood test to confirm. I have heard blood test is a way to know how many weeks I really am besides the 8th week ultrasound in 2 weeks time. Thanks for the advice. I probably just see my OB if it will help me better and safer as long as my pregnancy is all good and the baby is normal and healthy, that's all it matters. Is it normal to feel I am getting my period and some like period pains, getting white discharge which I do get this 2-3days before my period? Do you think or have you tried having sex while you're pregnant for few weeks only if you don't mind me asking? Cos im worried if it's safe.

    Natty: Good luck on your clomid, hope you'll be successful too like me with 50mg [full tablet]. I really feel blessed and lucky with first round of 50mg but I had 3 rounds of 25mg initially. I did all those tests too before putting me into Clomid making sure there's nothing blocked fallopian tube or not good uterus but thankfully they're all good. I have also heard that taking pills for a long term isn't healthy so I stopped my pills after 3 years I think and had my normal period after that. Yeah don't you hate when people ask "nothing yet..", it just putting you into more pressure right plus you feel bad because you know your husband want a baby already, that's normal. That happened to me but these past few days and before I found out I am positive we didn't think about it that much already especially my husband but I keep praying to God hoping and hoping for our dream will come true so don't lose hope and don't forget to pray.

    This is really hard to share with your family and friends that's why I prefer forums as well and luckily there's Sue who has been helping me since I started this forum. She's very helpful. And I can also help you as much as I can but of course I don't have much experience yet as Sue does

    Regarding the Hycosy - Yes I have done hycosy, one of my test. Hycosy is to check if your tubes are blocked or scarred which you get normally with abortion, and they check pelvic and uterus. I had pelvic ultrasound first as my step 1 actually where they found polycystic cysts. I've done my hycosy [full bladder] right after my period I think day 7-8, and nope not painful, a bit uncomfortable because they sticking something into your vagina but it's alright. The doctor who did hycosy test [forgot what its called hehe] was nice and she even said that most of her patients do hycosy fall pregnant after a month because it cleans the fallopian tubes but i wasnt one of them up to now. who knows you might be one of them so dont lose hope ok i was so relieve when she said that. If you need to ask anything, just ask away.

    Polygirl: Clomid is proven a lot of people have a success on this including me, maybe depends on your situation too. For me, first time I had the constipation this month and lots of gas/wind which I thought it must be just the clomid effect PLUS i had a fever/flu this month too where I suspected something wrong but at the same time, it's getting into winter so it's normal for me to get sick but never have fever. But besides all these, main thing is I just keep on praying and wishing and hoping for a miracle. I have sore boobs now. I always get this 2 weeks before my period comes which I had this already and now sore again with some kinda sharp pains like a period pain on and off.

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    polygirl Guest


    Yeh l know the feeling, been there.
    My best revenge after hearing that very question was " yes actually we have been trying for 6 years, the doctor's have told us we can't have them, and thanks for reminding me once again".
    It works like a treat, they shut up sooooo fast, and you don't have to worry about that damn question from them again. If their gonna make you feel like ****, make them feel like **** too.
    Then you can walk away and have a good cry if you need to. Just make sure you slam the door in their face first.
    I never got treated beter in my life after that, and you don't have to worry about passing it on to other family members and friends, cause the old grape vine starts working over time.
    It also becomes such a relief to just get it out there, and you might actually find you get heaps of support you didn't expect, that help lift the burdon also.


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    nattyd Guest


    Dear Ang and Polygirl,
    Thank you both for your feedback! It really does help knowing that you are not alone out there. I?ve been trying to relax and not think about what?s ahead of me but I find it extremely difficult especially when almost every day another person you know makes an announcement of their pregnancy or you get yet another invitation to a christening or another photo of your friend?s baby or your mother in law makes a cheeky comment to you when someone pregnant walks by ? there is NO escape. Every day you have to put on a happy face and pretend that everything is wonderful and you are not in a rush to have babies even though it is ALL you think about.
    Anyway I just have to keep on praying and hope that Clomid will be good to me otherwise I will be slamming doors in people's faces.

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    Ang3l6a6e Guest


    yeah thats what i hate too when they keep askin bout having a baby, its like cant they think what if theres something wrong with the couple and it just frustrate them more when they keep on asking but here we were kept sayin probably not a time for us yet..blah blah blah..but ur right they could just shut up when u tell the truth to them and they're the one who will feel bad. i think i just told them, i have irregular period thats y its not easy for me.

    every baby shower and christening invitation i receive, i always make an excuse not to go especially with my husband, we'll just feel sad. i dont mind if by myself i can take it but seeing my husband with around them makes me feel sad knowing he wanted a baby. dont worry ul get there. just have a trust on clomid and relax and avoid stress, most especially keep praying.

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    Bridgewater Adelaide


    Hi guys,

    I understand how you all feel.

    I remember when I lost one of my little angels and a couple of days later my SIL gave birth to her little boy Fletcher. Of course we had to go to the hospital and while we were there, my husband's best friend turned up with his little boy (who was born a couple of months before) and both his brother and best friend where standing there with their babies feeling so proud and I looked at my husband and nearly cried for him.

    Also my best friend had her baby on the same day I was due.

    Though there is hope for all of us, especially with all the technology they have.

    Ang3l6a6e I have had heaps of white discharge since I have been pregnant, so much so, that I think AF has arrived or I am bleeding and go to the toilet to check!!! I also have had constipation and have had to increase my fruit and veggies and drink heaps and heaps of water to overcome this. I havent had any morning sickness, but definately on and off sore bb's.

    My husband and I have decided not to have sex until after 12 weeks, because I have had several miscarriages, we have decided to play it safe.

    Natty I also have PCOS, but I still have regular periods, so I don't know the consequences of not having periods. Though I have had my fallopian tubes cleaned out and like Ang3l6a6e said, it also didnt work for me. I have been on clomid (25mg) but also didnt work for me (though I have heard of lots and lots of success stories). So I went down the IVF cycle and I have been very fortunate to have success on our first go. They have diagnosed me as unexplained fertility, because there is actually no reason why my DH and I can't conceive naturally - though it just doesnt happen!!!!

    Good luck to you all on your endeavours to have a child.

    I am here if you want to ask any questions.

    xxx Sue xxx

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    Country Victoria


    constipation too early???? i had it from about 4 weeks!!!!

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    Ang3l6a6e Guest

    Default hey..

    anyone here had a "severe" or bad lower back pain and front like period pain that lasted for almost 2minutes? worried and wondering if this is normal as i had it 2am this morning lasted about 2 minutes i guess..thought i would bring myself to the hospital! thank God it went away. i just hope it's normal and part of the pregnancy. is this really normal??

    went to see my OB yesterday and gave me fees of her delivering for my baby which will cost in total approx $5k-$7k with 80% rebate from medicare of around i think $1500 threeshold. i was thinking public hospital coz its free? or might as well to stick with my OB throughout the pregnancy huh.

    what are the symptoms if there's a problem with pregnancy or if there's complications??

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    Bridgewater Adelaide


    Hello Ang3l6a6e,

    Sorry I didnt respond until now, but how are you going??? is all OK????

    xxx Sue xxx

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    Default Yup

    I got pregnant after 2 months on clomid( I have PCOS) first month on 25mg I ovulated and 50mg second month got a BFP.. i was pregnant wtih twins and lost one.. I am blessed to have one in there though.

    I have a son 15 months.

    You will get there!

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    nattyd Guest


    Hi didispunk,
    Thanks for your message! Great to hear that you were able to conceive! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! :goodluck2:
    I just finished taking Clomid and had HyCoSy procedure on Thursday which by the way was the most painful thing I ever had to go through, particularly the bit when they inflate a small balloon like thing inside of you. I don?t even want to try and imagine what it feels like to give birth. Ouch! I was holding my hubbys hand and I think I almost broke it... Anyway, supposed to be ovulating now so fingers are crossed! Really really nervous but trying to stay positive.
    Ange, how are you? Is everything ok? Haven?t heard from you for a while so getting a bit worried.
    Hugs to all.

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    Ang3l6a6e Guest

    Default hi natty

    im ok thanks for 8 weeks pregnant and been feeling sick lately..u noe that morning sickness thing. i even have to go home early from work. i feel better these past 2 days though. im hoping for the best for all of us.

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    klsou Guest


    Hi everyone I'm new to this site, but have been reading everyone's posts with interest. I am expecting baby no.4 in December and wanted to give some hope to those who suffer PCOS. I concieved my first daughter very easily, but unfortunately when it came time for baby no.2 it turned out to be a bit harder. I went through a long 15 months of trying (I was only 21/22 at the time) before I finally went to a specialist. I had unexplained fertility problems and possibly PCOS (which my sister has, so I think it was a mild case of this) and was put on Clomid 50mg. I fell pregnant the first go and ever since then have not had any trouble concieving naturally. In fact I fell pregnant with no.3 when my second daughter was only 6 months old! I then got an implant - implanon after my third daughter was born and within 2 months of having it removed found out I was pregnant with baby no.4. So it just goes to show, I didn't think I was going to be blessed with 2 children let alone just never know!

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    nattyd Guest


    Hi Ang,
    I am so happy for you! Hang in there, it?s all for a good cause.
    Unfortunately I just found out that I didn?t ovulate this time, so feeling very sad but fingers crossed for the next cycle.

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    hey angel,

    just checkin in to see how ur going?... ur not too far off the magical 12 weeks. Are u going in for a scan?

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    kayleigh18 Guest

    Default Feel confused and alone :(

    Hey im 18 years olds and only just registered to this site. I got giagnosed with pcos about 6 or 7 months ago when i came of the pill to start a family with my partner. I had a regular period straight away but they soon stopped after a couple of months.
    I went to see my gp and he said it was normal and things could take up to a year to get back to normal, so i waited and still no period. When i strated to get worried that something was wrong i went back to see my gp and hye told my they needed to carry a few blood test. When my results came back they were all normal, i then had a set of testosterone test and they came back high. He then booked me in to have a scan at my local hospital and that day they reviled that i had Polycystic ovary syndrome. When i left the hospital i didnt know what it ment or what the condition consitsed of and i felt alone and confused. On a later date a returned back to my gp he explaied what the condition was and told me i could never have children, i was 18 and felt like my whole world was ripped apart in the space of 5mins. I was refrered to a gyno at a different hospital who was very helpfull and explained things to my much clearer. On my 1st appointment i was put on 500mg of metformin and i had to increase the dose through 3months. Within the 1st month i had my period and the following months after. I then went back to meet my gyno and he was happy with how thing were going and intoduced me to 50ml of clomid. I have to still carry on with taking 3 metformin tablets aday and If things go well then i am due to start my 1st lot on the 17th of this month. I have to take 5 pills on the 2nd day of my period for the next 3months.
    Has any one else on here been giagnosed with pcos around the same age as me and was able to concieve? None of my friends understand what im going through and its so hard for me to be happy for my friends when tell me they have fallen pregnent becuase i wish it was me.

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