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Thread: 11 and half weeks pg, u/s!

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    Default 11 and half weeks pg, u/s!

    i had my second u/s today. my first one was done at 5 and half weeks, so i didn't get to see much except the amniotic sac.

    Today at 11 and half weeks i finally got to see my baby and it was the most amazing moment of my life so far. The bubs heart was beating well, 160 bpm, and it was moving around quite alot!

    it is stubborn like its mum, it didn't want to move into the position that the nurse wanted... also the baby is sitting quite high up and my uterus is already expanding nicely, up and outside of the pelvis. So far so good!

    i hope everyone else is doing well and wish u all the best with your babies!!!

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    thats fantastic tazzy!! I cant wait to be 11 wks and see my baby in the us!

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    i cant wait till my 12 week u/s either..and congrats on a healthy bub!!!

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