thread: 12 week scan, what does your referal say??

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    12 week scan, what does your referal say??

    Long story, but i've had a very horrible day.

    Got my referal for my 12 week scan. The dr who wrote it was not my normal dr, and he seemed totallllly clueless!!!

    Can i just compare my 12 week u/s referal to yours? and also my 11 week blood test referal with yours??

    my 11 week bloods say, "E/LFTs; Se B-HCG; FBE" - thats it there is nothing else but my personal details on this form.

    My 12 week u/s referal says, "12 weeksUS gestation - Obstetric" - thats it, nothing else but personal info.

    If you'd like to know the full story of what happened here it is, otherwise reading the top part is fine. Please ladies?? help me?

    I've had a horrible day!!!

    10 weeks today.. so pumped, was going to go shopping to look at some baby stuff (i've been feeling really good about this pregnancy and figure 10 weeks is a good mark). Woke up this morning did a wee, wiped and there was brown blood!!! I got soo freaked out. Wasn't much, and it was mixed with CM...

    I already had a dr appointment for 11, (to get my referals for my 12 weeks scan). Went to the dr, while mum looked after DD. My normal GP was away so i was put in with this tosser dr.. total tosser!!!!!!

    I said to him. Im 10 weeks pregnant today, i made this appointment to get a referal for my 11 week bloods and 12 week u/s. This morning i did a wee and there was brown blood. So could you please get the doppler and see if you can find a heartbeat, i know its early but i figure its worth a shot..

    He then continued to write me out a referal ( not before putting one of each form infront of him, and then asking me which form he needs to use for an ultrasound... WTF!?!?! ) for a 10 week ultrasound, handed it over and said, ok, have a nice day (he had a very thick accent and i don't think he had any idea what i was talking about).

    So i started getting ****ed off... i said ' no.. i want a referal for an u/s for my 12 week scan.. Today i want you to use the doppler to see if you can find a heartbeat (followed by my hand gestures to try and give him an idea).

    He looked at me blankly. I repeated it again.. with my hand gestures..

    He finally got the drift and went and got the doppler. He couldn't find a heart beat (but mind you he had to call the nurse in for a lesson on how to use a doppler prior to actually using it).

    He then said he will send me for the 10 week u/s anyway, just to see if the baby is ok.

    He then asked me what the 12 week scan was for... honestly who is the dr here?! I told him it is called a nuchal translucency (sp) test, to see if the bub has d/s. " oh.. ok then". He printed out the referal, but just wrote '12 week obstetric'. .... ... !!!!!

    He then asked me why i wanted to have a blood test..... !!!!!!!!!!!

    I said... because you need to have the blood test for the 12 week scan to work.

    this is what he then did.
    He put all the forms infront of him again. Asked me AGAIN which form he should use for blood tests (!!!!), i told him. He then opened up the program on his computer and i WATCHED him randomly tick boxes for tests while saying "ok, i might send you for a white blood cell count.. also a such and such.. and i guess a such a such.."

    I butted in - is this even the blood tests that need to be tested or are you just randomly selecting things?! "

    him - "oh no - yes these are the tests needed"

    i then shut up,
    walked out
    paid 70 dollars
    got in the car
    and cried.

    I am soooooo angry~!!!! WHAT A SH*T DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!

    So now i don't even know what to do..
    what would you do??
    i can't stop crying.. not because im sad over the bleeding.. i think its just that i so angry that he was sooo crap!

    thank you for listening to my horrible day

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    oh no, that sounds like a horror day so far & what a crap doctor!

    i cant help with the referral because i can't remember exactly what was on it. can you ring the place you've been referred to so you can make sure it's the right info? i'm sure FBE is something to do with iron levels & the B-HCG is to test the amount of HCG. the E/LFT might be liver function? can't remember (sorry). again, i'd be tempted to check with the pathology place to ensure it's been completed correctly.

    oh - and i'd ring the surgery & speak to the practice manager & make a complaint. he should have paid YOU the $70.

    hope your day improves from here

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    Telly - I didnt notice this thread earlier, I have written a response in our buddies thread!

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    My 12wk scan referral said on it 'nuchal translucency', In Canberra you get the blood referral for the nuchal fold scan at the ultrasound place - and I cann't remember what they wrote on that referral.

    I would ring up the clinic and tell them that the doctor you saw wrote out the wrong referrals, is there anyway another doctor can write up a new one for you without having to go through another appointment. Otherwise book another appointment with a different doctor and explain what happened.

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    ohhh, that seems awful, what a terrible day it has been *hugs*

    I just had my 12 week ultrasound and blood test today.
    It was so cute seeing bub clearly for the first time on the screen!!
    They did the 12 week u/s and tested for down syndrome etc, but as you said, a blood test also needs to be done to complete the test.
    I went straight over to get the blood test done, and the nurse was great (I am very bad with needles, esp blood tests, but i loved this burse, she laid me down, and i barely felt the needle go in!)

    Im not too sure what the blood may be, however, in my pregnancy book, i read that a small spotting of blood isnt always a bad thing. Maybe go to another doctor to get a second opinion. I would even write a note to the medical practice, complaining about this doctor.

    I had a similar situation with my first doctor. I walked in, stated that i did a home preg test, and i was there to get her opinion. She looked at me, then said erm, ill take a urine sample,,.. she did another urine test, and said...oh yes, your pregnant.
    I sat there for a minute waiting for an idea of what to do next, and she showed me the door, if it wasnt for my friend speaking up, and saying....'well what should she do now?'
    I would have had no idea.
    I ended up leaving this doc, and booking myself into another more local doc, she has been great, and she did a blood pregnancy test and took me through step by step what needed to be done.

    I feel terrible for you, wat a horrid exp[erience, i reccommend going to another doc, or trying to book in to your normal doc, just for that extra reassurance and piece of mind.

    best of luck with everything, im sure bub is fine.

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    google blood test and all of the codes individually and you will find out what he's ordered - FE i know is iron studies.

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    Oh you poor poor thing :hugs:
    Its sad that so many of us have bad doctor stories..
    when i found out i was pregnant, it was quite a shock i did a HPT , then was sent to do a blood test coz the urine test i did at the doctors was very very faint and he said he was unsure. when i got the results back i got this rude man that sat me down and told me i was indeed pregnant. i then began to cry.. not because this was unwanted but because i had wanted this for so long but my partner and i had decided that we'd put of having babies for another couple of years coz we werent in the financial situation to do this.
    so this doctor wrote down a number on a peice of paper and i asked him what this was for and he said " its the number for the abortion clinic" i couldnt believe it.
    i have never been back to that doc and have since foound myself a wonderful doctor that has been so very helpful.
    honestly if i were you sweetness, i would go to another doctor, take you referals with you and just explain the situation.. but not before you call the clinic and put in a complaint about this horrible man!!
    Cheer up sweet, everything will be fine

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    The blood tests are FBE - full blood examination which measures the haemoglobin among other things. LFT/E - liver function test / electrolytes. Se BHCG - is serum hormone levels of pregnancy. They are not inappropriate tests but check before the blood is taken that they are measuring for the levels for a NT. The ultrasound request should be fine top - just tell them when booking that it is for a NT. It is the only reason for a 12 week scan really. For the brown spotting now you would need a request for a scan now to check on the baby.

    Sorry if this is patchy - it is difficult to respond on the iPhone!!

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    The referral you have been given for the blood test is not correct for 1st trimester maternal serum screening. The two hormones they need to look at are:

    1. Free βhCG (a part of the pregnancy test hormone)
    2. PAPP-A (Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein A – a growth promoting hormone in the placenta).

    In Victoria, there is one laboratory that does all the prenatal screening. I assume it is similar in the other states, you can not just send it to Gribbles.

    Is your regular doctor back soon? Could you talk to the receptionist and ask him/her to get the Dr to fill out the correct forms? You shouldn't have to pay again when the dr didn't do his job in the first appointment.

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    yeah as above poster said that is what my b/t form has on it also in clinical notes it reads aneuplidy screening

    my U/s form reads nuchal trans scan 13 weeks clinical history says same as b/t form

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    THank you ladies!!!
    I really appreciate it!

    You'll be glad to know that i rang up the surgery and asked if they could get my normal GP to look at everything. About half hour later i got a call from my GP, he told me that the base hospital were waiting for me to get an anti D shot (i'm o neg blood type), and once i was done there to head to the mater hospital to get an ultrasound. He then told me to go into the surgery tomorrow at 8am to see him.

    So went to the base, and indeed they were waiting for me, took about 5 minutes and i was out (so happy with that!) then headed to the mater, got my u/s done! The baby is FINE!!!! YAY!! heart beat of 176bpm, wriggling around soo much!! it made my day, i started to cry again!

    Then i went and saw him this morning, he looked at my referals, crossed out sooo much crap (all the stuff that idiot dr was randomly picking for the blood tests) and added the tests that are actually needed. What a relief!!

    Booked my NT scan this morning, so everything is fine now!! I"m so lucky my GP looks out for me. As for that other doctor hahahaha. You suck!! So angry too that he didn't even recognise the need for me to get an Anti D shot - to think what could have happened to my baby if i just accepted his advice as a doctor!! GRR!

    Thanks ladies!! you're responses helped me alot yesterday during my freak out session, damn hormones!!!

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    TT - Its crap when you get a ***** Dr - I would actually make a complaint about him but thats just me. I am so glad your regular Dr looks out for you and actually ordered the Anti D as well.
    Hoping everything travels smoothly from here for you
    Nae x

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    Tosser doesn't even start to sum it up from the sounds of things.

    Thank heavens for your actual dr. I love the good ones. So worth holding onto!

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    I'm glad you've got your old Doctor back, this one sounds like a complete idiot

    Times like this when your freakin out a little you need the support of a good GP. So glad your little one is ok

    My referal states the same as yours, (Obstetric NT Ultrasound) I'm booked in for the 15th May, receptionist said I needed to be just over 12 weeks before they would do a NT Ultrasound.