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    angelique Guest

    12 week wait

    Hi there all you lovely pregnant ladies.

    I just want to know, how did you all cope while waiting for those long 12 weeks to finally make it?? I think I am going insane hehehehe. What did you all do to make it a little easier? Any ideas will be helpful

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Limestone Coast, SA

    Hi Angelique

    i know how you feel it seems to take forever, but really when i think about it it doesn't seem very long ago that i got my BFP. I just take it one week at a time, i wait for each Thursday to roll around and they seem to come around fairly quickly. Now we only have 4 weeks until we can start telling everyone the great news! I don't have a job so i think that makes time go a bit slower as I don't really have anything to fill in each day, apart from bellybelly of course!

    I reckon by the time we are 38 weeks we will feel like the time has flown

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    getinmybelly!! Guest

    Yeah I'm sick of the waiting and worrying...but I know as soon as 12 weeks hits I'll just start worrying that the baby is forming okay and about whether they will find anything on the U/S.

    You never stop worrying or feeling guilty...EVER! 8-[

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    Lavender Guest

    Hello there - Angeligue and Widdly - when are you both due? I am currently at 8weeks 3 days.. and yes counting down to week 12 also. Although i have told a few close friends and family, but not telling everyone till wk 12.. It is hard to wait, but i try not to think about it too much, and i guess the days go quite quickly when you can work. I am due 24 April .. Are you both getting any ms??

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    Registered User

    Aug 2005

    Hey there Lavender!

    Congrats on your pregnancy. Hope you have a happy and uneventful pregnancy!

    You should join us in the April mums-to-be forum. We're a rapidly growing group, but we'd love to see you there!


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    Lavender Guest

    hey Bel - thanks for that.. How is your pg going - congrats also to you!! i will join you over there, i have the thread so will get to it... talk soon.

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    Registered User

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hey girls I found the best way through the wait was with others who were due near me & going through it themselves, why don't you check out the belly buddies due in the same months you are? I found it helped me get through it (I still didn't have any fingernails left by the end of it, but at least I had friends to go through it with )

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    angelique Guest

    Hi everyone

    Lavender, I am due may 10th to 14th. I guess it depends on when it is ready. I have told my family and a couple of close friends but not work or anything. I just want to keep it quiet. It seems like it is taking forever. 6 weeks tomorrow.

    I am not vomiting or anything but at times i do feel sick enough to spew but I dont. What about you? A lot of ladies have told me for some people it comes later in the pregnancy. Can anyone else comment on this?


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    Registered User

    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    Hi - for my first pregnancy I wasn't sick at all ... for this one, feeling sick was what made me test, as we had been trying for so long, I didn't even think I could be pregnant .. and I had morning sickness until about 26 weeks along ... ug. it's was horrible.

    I took blackmores morning sickness capsule things and when it was really bad, I had to eat something before I got out of bed. So dry crackers, or if you can get toast in bed, go for it !

    I can't remember how I got thru the first 12 weeks ?? It was the ones after that, that seemed to drag, until the ultrasound which I had at about 20 weeks.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jun 2005
    Blue Mountains

    I'm pretty much finishing my 12 weeks right now, and looking back, it's gone quite quickly! (mind you, you're 4 or 5 weeks in b4 you even know). I had a scan at 8 weeks, and then the scan & appointment with the OB at 11 weeks, so I guess counting down to them helped the time go by. I do think the next 6 weeks to the 18wk scan will drag a bit tho.

    Haven't been too sick. Feel pretty rotten if I get too hungry or thirsty, and if I get to that point, there's no hope of me making a decision on what to eat or drink, which then throws me into a vicious cycle. Other than that I've been very tired... so I guess sleeping away the 12 weeks is one way to make it go quicker!! I easily have a 3hr sleep in the day, and then still have a long sleep thru the night.

    Take care everyone, hope the 12 weeks don't drag too much for you!

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    angel_eyes Guest

    I actually didn't find it as hard as I thought it would be.

    The time went by quite fast.

    I ended up holding back until I was 13 weeks before I told everybody.

    I think it was harder on DH and my family, they kept bugging me to let them tell people.

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    Registered User

    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    I think waiting for the next week to tick over is good. So I love Friday's, as it means another week has gone by. Only 2 more wks to go (2.5 til 4th u/sound). I found out officially @ 3wks 3d (knew for few days), & I guess it doesn't feel like 6.5 to 7wks ago.

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    Registered User

    Mar 2005

    I found that the time dragged until 12 weeks but since that it has just flown.

    Good luck with waiting.

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    Add Rouge on Facebook

    Jun 2003

    I think everyone is different. I think the first 12 weeks you should absolutely fill your schedule as much as you can otherwise every other minute is AGGGGGES! Its also different I think when its your first. With Paris I was absolutely going MENTAL with the whole waiting thing. And the first 12 weeks seem to tick over sooooo quickly. Now the pregnancy is going too fast LOL! I think running around fussing over another child makes life go quick! I can't believe I'll be 16 wks on Sunday thats just crazy talk. Then my 20 wk scan, then my GD test then it will only be 12 weeks to go :shock: tooooo quick LOL!


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    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    I was only working very part time, so it went verrrry slowly.... Lots of Oprah and other crappy daytime tv. My m/s was so bad I just slept a lot too. Glad all that's over now. You'll be on the home stretch before you know it!

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    Jul 2004

    When i was pregnant with Lily i only had to wait a week because I found out i was pregnant at 11 weeks. No idea who i will cope next time!

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    Aug 2005

    Hi Angelique,

    The waiting game is hard isn't it! Like Widdly, I used to count the Fridays and know that another week was over by then... that helped a bit.

    I work in an office full of men and had my ginger lollies sitting up next to my PC for weeks, I thought for sure someone would guess, but no :roll: But I think working with men made it easier for me too ... they don;t get as excited as us ladies.


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    Registered User

    Jul 2005

    Like some of the others I would look forward to each Sunday and another week down!

    We told family at 4 weeks and friends and extended family at 8-9 weeks, which helped since they were all busily preparing for grandchild/etc #1. For me, a couple of friends bought me a pregnancy book and I filled in both that and an online journal. Bellybelly was a godsend, and I'm sure everyone got sick of my almost-daily posts! I also did a heap of reading on what to do/not to do and to expect now and later on.

    I agree, it absolutely drags on and no one medical wanted to see me until after 12 weeks so we felt a bit 'out in the cold'! If it makes you feel any better, it doesn't seem to be going any faster now I'm past the first trimester - there's just more to do!