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    Hi everyone

    I am approaching my 12 week scan and more recently having anxiety about whether this baby is fine or not. I lost my first pg at 6 weeks and it was only via us that we realisd it was gone. I guess I am nervous about reliving this again next week. I still feel the same I guess, i think i am thinking my boobs dont hurt as much but that's about it. when you reach your 2nd trimester do your boobs etc settle down or should they still hurt? I know i am probably freaking out for no reason just would like to hear from anyone who has been where i am now... looking for reassurance i guess!

    thanks 8-[

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    Goodluck with your ultrasound. I never had sore boobs until just before the birth with DD but symptoms normally settle down when you hit 2nd trimester.

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    Good luck for your scan Danni! I'm sure it's due to you almost being in the 2nd trimester that things are settling for you. Personally my nausea has gone so I'm thankful for that but at the same time I have worries about it.

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    It is perfectly normal to be worrying if everything will be ok, esp, after a loss. When I had my first m/c we found out @ the 12 week u/s too and I was so petrified it would happen again, whenI had my wk u/s with ~Matthew~ and this pg. I am sure everything will be ok with your bubs.

    As for symptoms, eveyone is different but yes some people find that their bs aren't as sore in the second tri or their m/s eases up etcc. or viceversa. Please try not to stress. (I know easier said than done)

    If you like please come and join us girls in the PAML forum. I know you will recieve loads of support there as we have all unfortunatley been through a loss and know how stressful it can be, being pg after a loss.

    Take Care and good luck.

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