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Thread: 1st trimester screening test

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    Question 1st trimester screening test

    Hi to everyone,

    i was just wondring if anyone knows what the mesurments for the nuchal translucency testing should be?, i am going for my scan on thursday and would really like to get a general idea of what the measuremet should be. I did find it on the web a couple of weeks go but i can't find it now ....

    if anyone knows or has the same concernes would love to hear from you i'm worried the sonographer won't tell me there and then if it look good or not. i had my bloodtest taken last week and they won't give me those results untill they have the ultrasound ones to compare .....

    *hugs* to all thank-you

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    Hi - the test results only come as a combination of bloods and NT scan. So dont worry that they wont give them to you, when I had it done they say that one without the other is not the full test so they wait for the ultrasound tests and then give you the result (it is also combined with your age)
    I have no idea what the measurements are, I was not told what the neck thickness was, just that all looked good with the baby at the scan and then the overall combined results a day later at my Doc.

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    yeah i thought that to but i have a freind that wa given her's seperatly, i'm spewig also because even after my scan i've been told i have to wait 1 whole week b4 i can get the result

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    Mine was an average of 1.4mm. And i was told the results at the scan, after the sonologist had finished the scan a doctor then goes through the scan and bloods with you and the results of the tests etc.
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    wow that is a longtime to have to wait.... dont let it bother you though i think it can take a while as they coordinate both tests and write the report etc

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    HI, What part of Perth are you from ? They should have your results the same day or at least the next day.
    I wouldn't worry about the neck thickness as it doesn't matter on it's own. You need the blood test result to know if there is a problem.

    The neck thickness for Eleanor was 1.4 which is good but when added to my blood test and age it all came back high risk. I think anything above 3 for the neck thickness they see as a problem but it doesn't mean there is.

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    Mine was 1.1mm. I got the results from the scan within minutes.... then had to go downstairs for the blood test. That was on a saturday, and I got the blood test results in the mail on the tues or wednesday.

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    mine was 1.7 and had a chance of 1:4000 combined with my bloods was told it was in the normal range but we couldnt get a good measurement because bubs wouldnt stay still long enough to get more than 3 rough measurements after 45minutes they gave up lol

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    Michelle i'm from wanneroo,
    thankyou for you responce girls i'm going to go into my scan tomorrow confident they will give me my results and if not i will be questioning why not.... (don't mess with the pregnant emotional woman) lol thanks again *hugs*

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    Here Girly Girl your not far from me then i am in Pearsall.

    Good luck with your scan tomorrow.

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    I love Pearsall such a nice suburb, i'm in summerville waters opposit ashby

    thank-you for the good wishes i'll let you know how i get on it's at 2:20 tomorrow

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    I think if its 2.9mm it has a 1:300 chance which is high risk if that helps. Good luck tomorrow and take care Im sure everything will be a-ok :-)

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    How did your scan go Girly Girl ?

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    Hi all,

    scan went well the sonographer (sp?) said everything looked fine and that bub's is very active my NF measured 1.2 and 1.3 she only took 2 measurments because baby was cooperating at first i still have to wait till wednesday to pick up my results... just a nervouse wait now. was so amazing to see little sprog look like a real human i had a scan at 6 weeks and another at 9 weeks due to carmping and bleeding, so to compare all the picture is amazing already looks like daddy..... Dad was happy lol i tink i got a flash of girly bits so think it could be a girl DD will be happy.

    i still had to pay $155 apparently because it's a private practice they can charge what they like and no they don't do 3d/4d scans. i got a dvd with 3 still pictures on which is nice.

    thankyou for all your reply's it deffinatly made it easier to go into the scan yesterday *hugs* to all.

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