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    So girls, im about 5wks 4 days and getting cramps in lower abdomen and right down in my lady bits! This is normal right? no bleeding but cramps come on and off and sometimes are shooting and other times its just a dull ache!?

    Also - when should i book in for next ultrasound to see fetal pole/heartbeat.. ?

    And last one: I work as a nanny looking after a little 2yr old boy.. they are long days (about 13hrs) however I only work two days a week at the moment.. Im just checking, is it safe to work with little children while pregnant? He was so snotty yesterday coughing and spluttering green snot (TMI) all over me and im worried he's going to make me and bub sick! (I just wanted to spray the child with glen 20 lol)... Also I have very steep hills I have to walk up with the pram and when i got home lastnight my abs hurt and ached.. is this dangerous??

    Any info on any of these q's would be fabulous! thanks girls, i know i sound paranoid...but the truth is, i am- i dont want anything to harm little bean


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    Hi there. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    1. Cramping is normal, i had quite bad cramping at the beginning also it got so bad i went to the emergency dept and was told it was just growing/stretching pains.

    2. I'm guessing by your question you have had your first ultrasound, the dating scan? I only had the dating scan at 6 weeks and then my Nuchual Lucency scan at 12 weeks and the Morph scan at 20 weeks. The heart beat i'm pretty sure (someone else correct me if im wrong) can be detected at 8 weeks.

    3. If you get a cold only yourself will feel crappy your baby will be fine! i had many many colds during my pregnancy even a few tummy bugs.

    And don't worry about being paranoid, i was a walking wreck before i could feel DD move and even then i worried. I was a regular at the birthing suite from about 27 weeks. I freaked about every little thing! So your not alone there

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    I think it depends on how you feel physically and mentally. Physically, are you exhausted easily? Mentally is when you are always worrying on the job, that can also cause stress which isnt good for bub.

    WHen i was preggers with DD, my daily routine didnt change much and went to work until 1 week before she was due because I didnt feel any stress or it wasnt too hard to go to work.

    See how you feel and heres to a H&H 9mths!!!

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    Cramping is totally normal. Even though that little creature is tiny it's already making everything stretch.
    Ultrasound - when did the sonographer/doctor tell you you needed another one? Generally 6-7 weeks for a heartbeat, but there is some evidence to suggest that unnecessary u/s can do more damage than good so that's something to weigh up too.
    Exercise is great for you while you are pregnant, and will help you to have a healthier pregnancy than one without exercise, however if it's hurting, like any exercise any time you should stop. During all of my pregnancies I was a policeman, dealing with all sorts of lovely (not) people and doing all sorts of things for quite a while further into my pregs.
    As for snotty kids and pregnancy well, there's lots of mamas who've brought healthy babies into the world while they ran around full time after sick toddlers.

    Try to relax hun.

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    I wouldn't be too concerned about the snot, but be sure to wear gloves and wash hands well when changing nappies, wiping bottoms, etc.

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