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Thread: 6 weeks - abdominal cramps & backache... Plz help!

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    Default 6 weeks - abdominal cramps & backache... Plz help!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm 6 weeks pregnant now. My blood tests are done last week. Hcg level was 15735 at 5w4d as compared to 4505 at 5week. This is my first pregnancy, so, I am so new to all the pregnancy symptoms though I have read so much on the internet about the common signs. Lately, I've been getting some mild abdominal cramps...(sometimes on the left side, sometimes on the right side) - nothing severe hence I don't need any pain medications. I mentioned the abdominal pain to my Ob during my last visit, but she said it was normal... Now, the backache adds in. I am so worried and paranoid at the same time. I am also driving my husband crazy as I sometimes questioned him on whether I should go see a doctor at the emergency room after having read so many complications regarding pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage... I feel so moodless as I am constantly fixated on this issue... Could someone please help me? Thank u!

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    Hi Carmen, firstly congratulations on your new pregnancy!

    Unfortunately, the first few weeks are always going to be so hard on you physically and emotionally wondering if everything will be ok. The worst part is there is nothing we can do to change things

    Abdominal cramping and back ache are just a few of the not-so-wonderful symptoms of early pregnancy. So unless they get far worse, you need to put your feet up and relax.

    I hope the next few weeks fly by for you so then you can put your mind at ease for a little while.

    All the best

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    Thank you for your reply. It's always so comforting to hear that what I am going through is normal. While I am experiencing the physical symptoms, my poor husband is putting up with all the pyschological issues from hearing my complaints all day long... Thanks once again!

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    Carmen2 - I too had the cramps and back ache. Freaked me out. It's your body adjusting to all the changes inside you. I was told the cramping is your uterus stretching. Welcome these changes as it shows that your body is working hard to prepare for bubs growth. Unless the pain gets much stronger or is accompanied by heavy bleeding then I would say relax and take it easy. See if you can get a dating scan from your doc to set your mind at ease.
    As for your husband, they find it hard to understand why we are so up and down through the first trimester as they can see no physical changes that can account for it all. Until they see bubs or can see your growing belly then you may just need to be a bit patient with him. Buy him a book that he can read that points out all the strangeness that we pregnant women will be going through. I had a big sit down with mine telling him that this is how it will be and that even though it doesn't show as yet, I'm growing things inside me that sap all my energy and emotion.

    Congrats on your pregnancy and remember that you will always get support here

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    Katie G,

    Thank you for your reply and comfort. I've been telling myself that all the symptoms should be normal, but my mind seemed so fixated on worrying about every twitch I get in my body... Guess this kind of worry comes with the first pregnancy as well.

    As for for husband, I will take your advice and buy him a book to read ... maybe then, he will understand more what I am going through. I feel so bad for telling him all the aches I am getting. I know that he's tired after a long day of work (btw, my husband works an average of 12 hours/day) - so coming home should be relaxing... Instead, I have caused an add on burden...

    Now that I got some reassurance, I should get my head straight and thankfully bear the cramps and backaches...

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    I too have had really bad backaches and have had to take a few panadol to take the edge off. I have had so many aches and pains, including lots of ovary pains in the past few weeks..

    my OB said its normal and not too worry until you get bleeding (enough to use a pad) and cramping that is worse than period pain.

    just remember your body is stretching and organs are moving around.. something has to hurt a little.


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    Hi Carmen
    As the other girls have said what you are feeling is quite normal. You can take panadol or panadine if you need to also try using a hot pack this can sometimes help with the cramping and backache

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    Thank you everyone for your replies. I have been trying to relief the backache with a hot pack which turns out to be a miracle! The abdominal cramps have lessened now. I am thankful for that!

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    my dh reads Up the Duff. More light hearted view on pregnancy then the more medical books. Might help him. DH loves reading what will be happening to baby each week, and it helps for them to know that things we are experiencing arent just in our head.

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