thread: 6 weeks pg, what now?

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    Jul 2005
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    6 weeks pg, what now?

    Hi all. I am now six weeks pg and I am not sure when I should organise my first visit to the Ob. I am going overseas in four weeks, so I am guessing that I should probably organise a visit before I go. Also, I am not experiencing any symptoms at all yet. Have other women gone through the first few weeks without symptoms? :-s

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    My OB wants to see me at 12 weeks, but seeing as you're going away then, I'd probably try and see him before you go. Can't hurt. He can probably give you advise on travelling while pg too.

    I'm just over 5 weeks, and have had very little symptoms. The only thing is I'm starting to sleep a lot. I never sleep through the day.. but I'm starting to now. hehe. and I crash pretty early at night now too.

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    My sickness got alot worse at 7 weeks. Although you might be lucky!! Would book into your OB just because they get so busy. Good to see someone before you go away. I booked into my midwives at about 6 weeks and they only had 2 spaces left. Don't know how much earlier I could've booked!!
    Good luck and congratulations xoxo

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    Hi Mishy, congrats on your pg. I have had NO pg symptoms at all...I consider myself very lucky now, but at the time I was a nervous wreck about it (even wishing I'd get morning sickness!).

    As for seeing an Obs, maybe no need to, just a GP appt would probably be fine. But depending on when you leave and get back, you may miss the window for a NT scan (that is, if you wanted one).

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    Firstly, congratulation! My pregnancy symptoms such as tender breasts, and m/s didn't kick until about 7 weeks. although I did have some cramping from about 5wks which I think was just my uterus growing and implantation. You may just want to check in with your GP before you go to find out what you should do while you are OS.

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    Hi - with both of my pregnancies, I didn't know I was pregnant until I was about six weeks - with the first one, I didn't feel anything until then, perhaps just a bit tired.

    With the second, it was nausea that made me test. And I'm still having morning sickness at 23 weeks :-(

    Some women have every symptom and some have next to none.


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    oh barb - you poor thing! i hope it improves soon!!

    mishy - congrats on your pregnancy!! i would go to my gp and ask him if you need to see the ob or even just make an appt for when you get back. i started getting symptoms at about 6 weeks. MS and tiredness and really sore BBs were the main ones. maybe you will just be lucky?

    all the best for your trip away!!


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    May 2004

    Hi Mishy, first of all congrats on your pregnancy. I am having my first OB appt @ 9 weeks. I would suggest you ring your OB and see when he/she would like you to come in for your first visit.

    It is quite normal to have hardly any symptoms in the first week. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones and have no m/s or anything.

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    Jul 2005
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    Hi Everyone

    Thank you all for the best wishes. I have booked into an Ob on 24 August (8 days before I head off overseas for a week). As many of you have said, I think this is worthwhile just to get some reassurance that everything is OK. Thanks to you all and my best wishes to all of you.