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Thread: 8weeks pregnant - due 02/08/07

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    Default 8weeks pregnant - due 02/08/07


    Just wanted to chat with those due at around about the same time as me. I am feeling really tired at the moment and indigestion is a real problem. I also can't find things that i want to eat, as nothing looks appealing. i sometimes don't eat for 18-20 hours as my appetite has dwindled. I am worried that not eating as often as i need to may lack nourishment for the baby. Has anybody else experienced this?

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    Hi Sehra, welcome to BB and congratulations on your pregnancy . If you want to chat with other women who are due at the same time as you there is an August Belly Buddies group that you can find here. If you pop in and introduce yourself I'm sure that you will get a warm welcome.
    I'm sure that once you hit the second trimester your appetite will pick up but in the mean time if you make sure that you're keeping your liquids up and taking a good quality pregnancy multivitamin (I like the fabfol myself) then bubs should be getting adequate nutrition.

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