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Thread: Aches and Pains - When isnt it ok?

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    Default Aches and Pains - When isnt it ok?

    Well I have been getting some aches and pains since yesterday, and I guess I am worried as to when to worry etc.

    It started yesterday early AM I remember waking up and feeling twisted inside as if I had pulled a muscle or something.
    Then yesterday I was getting a pain which felt sort of near my ovary ( low down) and it got progressivly worse as the day went on.

    To describe it, it feels a little like a isolated stitch, even a stabbing poking pain. it goes as soon as it comes basically.

    Then this morning the same thing but it has started off rather dull achy and on both sides.

    is it just a growth spurt? I used a doppler and hB was ok yesterday.

    I guess Iam overly anxious as it was at 12 weeks I had my D&C infact it was the 29th of march and found it a very hard milestone to get over.

    how do I know whats growing pains and what's not?

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    hi delicate dove

    around 12 weeks i also had quite strong pains, like the muscles were stretching and being pulled. i told my dr and he said it was quite normal and its just because everything is growing. the fact you have a lovely heartbeat on the doppler is great.

    to me it sounds like everything is absolutely fine, going great guns and you are just have some stretching/growing pains. ps i often found that after i had a day or so of these pains my bump had grown almost overnight it seemed!

    i think everything sounds totally normally and i know its hard not too worry but truly its quite common to have these stretching pains.


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    Thanks for the reply, it seems to have settled down, despite being on my feet all day.

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    At 12 weeks I had lower abdomen pain...constantly. When I developed a fever it was finally diagnosed as a UTI. So just watch out for that one too...but its most likely growing pains.

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