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    Hey there,

    Does anyone know if physical activity contributes to bleeding in early pregnancy? I mow lawns for a living and had a big day yesterday, I be careful not do over do it since I"m around 6 weeks pregnant. But this morning I woke up with pink and brown discharge. I'm getting a scan in 2 hours, but I'm very scared. I had it last pregnancy as well, last time it was after I had to hike 7 kms on a 40 degree day to get my sick son to the doctor, I was bleeding the next morning at the hospital. Everything was normal with the baby (my daughter).

    Anyone else experienced this?

    MY hcg level check came back yesterday, it was 50 on the 11/9 now it is 2500

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    I had a small amount of brown discharge a few days ago. I have read lots of stuff on spotting during pregnancy, and my understanding is that as long as you are not bleeing then it is okay, so I haven't worried about it too much and it has only happened once. I think if you are worried though it would be worth going to the Dr or calling and seeing if they think you should get it checked out. That way, even if it is nothing your mind will be at ease. Kama xx oo

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    I had an u/s today, they didn't see a baby, only a sac. According to the sac size, I'm 5wks 2 days along. The sonographer said that it doesn't mean anything that they didn't see a fetal pole or anything just yet. With my first pregnancy, I saw even a heartbeat by 5wks 4days so I'm being worried. I'll probably go back for another scan in a week or two.

    My LMP was at the beginning of August so I guess I ovulated later than usual this time. I had dated from that that I was almost 7 weeks. I suppose sac size is more accurate than that.

    Time seems to stand still waiting for scan and blood test results right now. I wish the discharge would settle down and I wouldn't feel so worried.

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    Its really hard to see much before 6w, so try not to stress just yet.
    I hope you are taking it easy for the next few days, although in saying that, exercise at this stage shouldn't cause anything to happen.
    Hold tight - things might be fine.

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    As Fi has said it can be very difficult to see anything before 6 weeks. Your hcg levels look good. I would go back in a couple of weeks time and have another u/s done. As for the bron discharge, it could be just old blood or even implantation breakthrough.

    Good luck and please let us know how you get on with your next u/s.

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    It would be very unusual for physical activity to cause bleeding. However it is very common to have some slight bleeding in early pregnancy. Your hcg levels are good, and as others have said it is difficult to see much on a US before 6 weeks. When you are doing physical working outdoors it is very important to ensure that you have plenty of fluids. I would suggest that you should have at least 3 litres a day when working. Another tip to remember do not wait until you are thirsty to have a drink. When you start to feel thirsty you are already starting to dehydrate

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