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Thread: Acupuncture whilst pregnant

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    Default Acupuncture whilst pregnant

    I started having acupuncture to help me conceive. The week I started (Tuesday for the acupuncutre) was the week I ovulated (Friday). I was also given herbs to boil up and drink twice a day. Three weeks later i finally got my BFP. I continued with the acupuncture once a week and the herbs until......

    A couple of weeks ago I had severe pain on my left side and went to the hospital. I stayed overnight just for observation and my OB saw me in the morning. What I had was a corpus luteal cyst. He told me that they did not pick up a heartbeat (I was 6wks & 5days) and that I was to see him again a week later. Due to this I stopped the acupuncture and herbs because I thought that my body should be able to handle it and for some reason I thought it obviously hasn't been helping anyway. I went back to the OB and had another scan. We saw a little flutter which he said was the heartbeat. I had to hold my breath for us to see it. The OB said that my baby wasn't as grown as what it should be and I have to go back again in a week. For the fact there was a heartbeat has made me more hopeful however with the shock of it all I forgot to mention about the acupuncture and herbs and wonder if I should still be doing it.

    Has anyone had any experiences with acupuncture whilst pregnant or with any pregnancy complications and does anyone recommend that I should still continue with it.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    i think to be safe u should stop it until u talk to your dr just in case...
    btw ur sig says u are due oct 2007

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    I haven't but I would definately take what you have been drinking to your doctor. Do you have the names of the specific herbs you had been taking? If not you may want to get them from the person who gave them to you just to double check with your dr to see if they are ok. I personally wouldn't continue unless I knew the ingredients were safe and didn't contain anything that would be detrimental to bubs, your health and the pregnancy.

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    HI Bubbles,

    Yes, I do accupuncture & take traditional chinese herbs, and I too see an OB. Accupuncture has been the best thing for me. I was suffering from polycystic ovaries syndrome and ended up having a laparoscopy to fix the problem, which it sort of did. My DH took my to his TCM (traditional chinese medicine) doctor and he has been treating me ever since. I trust my TCM whole heartedly because he is very honest & open with me. TCM is an eastern style of medicine that uses natural herbs & accupuncture.

    From my experience (since 2000) it has been incredibly beneficial. DH & I hardly ever see our GP (who is supportive of naturals medicines) because our regular treatments with the TCM keeps us on the straight & narrow.

    What your TCM would have given you herbs which help you to conceive. Once you fall pregnant you should let them know, but what they give you shouldn't affect the baby.

    Just a word of warning, most western GPs & people who dont quite understand the workings of TCM will say that its a bad thing. However the chinese have been using it for centuries & in Europe they are now combining eastern & western medicine because they see the benefits. Unfortunately for us in Aus it takes a while for this to get through.

    Stick with the accupuncture & herbs. See your accupuncturist / TCM and explain what has happened. Sometimes just because you do accupuncture & take the herbs it doesn't always mean every pregnancy will be a successfuly one, your body will determine that.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.

    Good luck with everything

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    I think accupuncture is amazing and I had it to help my breech baby turn (which she did). I would just make sure you have a very reputable accupuncturist and you should be fine. I would trust mine with my life and know he'd never give me anything that would harm a baby. Im sure yours wouldn't either, but maybe checking with Doc would be an idea. I know alot of people conceive whilst under accupuncture care. GOOD LUCK xoxoox

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