thread: Additional Blood Tests?

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    LouLou7 Guest

    Additional Blood Tests?

    The other day I went to see my GP to get my HCG levels and as he wasn't available I ended up seeing another dr who is apparently a trained obgyn.
    He was surprised my GP hadn't ordered a few additional blood tests with my prenatal screen and recommended I get them done.

    The tests are:

    Varicella Titres

    I can't find much info on these tests and my friends with babies haven't heard of them. I know of Parvo but only in relation to dogs...!

    Does anyone know what they are for?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Hi LouLou

    CMV is a virus that affects the liver, I had it about 10 years ago and the symptoms are very much like glandular fever. It doesn't have any long-term effect on pg that I know of (but now you've brought it up, I will remember to ask my ob next time - although my baby is perfectly healthy from all accounts). I have heard that most of the population have come into contact with CMV at some stage and have antibodies in their system, and that it affects whether some of your organs can be used for transplant (although maybe this depends on the recipient?).

    The only thing I did come across while I was sick was that if you have active CMV and come into contact with pg women it can affect the developing baby in the first trimester, but I only read this in one book and never had any of my drs mention this, so think it's more of a maybe?

    They did take a stack of blood from me for various tests - NT, risk of trisomy 21 (downs), trisomies 13 & 18 (not sure what this is), HIV, Rubella immunity, syphillis, blood group, Rh -ve/+ve. My ob ordered these.

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    Mar 2004

    I think varicella is chicken pox so it might be to check your immunity.

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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    Just to add to all of the above.
    CMV is cytomegalovirus, it sometimes presents a bit like glandular fever with a sore throat, swollen glands and a fever. It isn't highly contagious and as is the case with all of the above illnesses most adults have had these illnesses and are therefore protected. (therefore protecting your unborn baby)

    Parvovirus is commonly found in the form of the childhood illness called 'slap cheek'. The child has a red rash on the face that looks like it has been slapped. The illness is mild in children just making them grumpy and possibly feverish. This illness often is passed off as a bit of a cold. If your child does have 'slap cheek' it should be kept away from pregnant women.

    Varicella is chicken pox, again most adults have immunity to this.

    Your doctor rightly was checking for your immunity as all of these illnesses have the potential to affect an unborn child particularly in the first trimester. Having said that though, I believe that the stats say that 85-95 percent of the adult population have immunity. So, it is likely you are already immune.

    Often doctors now will also check for Toxoplasmosis immunity a disease that is usually contracted from cat faeces. It also can be found in raw meat, which is why pregnant women are advised to use gloves when handling raw meat and to wear gloves when digging in the garden (the favorite 'loo' for cats!). Toxo can also be contracted from kangaroo meat so women should exercise caution when handling raw dog food (often contains kangaroo) that has the potential to carry this parasite. Toxo is more difficult to contract, however it is always important to be cautious. Many women who have had a lifelong relationship with cats have immunity, but some don't (me!)
    Hope this has helped,