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Thread: all day sickness - signals sex?

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    Default all day sickness - signals sex?

    my first preg which turned into our dear little boy meant that i was sick every morning (vomitting usually) for about 15 weeks, but it was manageable because i felt sick for about 15 minutes at a time, and usually just in the mornings.
    this preg so far (8 weeks) has been disgusting as i am sick ALL DAY and it is the foulest thing ever, i have no idea how im going to cope (doing the sea sickness bands, ginger, vitamin b6, eating lots etc etc)...
    but my question is, is there any truth to the rumour that if you have quite a diff preg, you then have a diff sex? Id love a girl, and it would be nice if this extra sickness meant that?!

    any experiences ?

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    Well, my mum had all day sickness with me, but none with my sister, so I don't trust any old wives tales!

    With the thread title (and here you can tell I have a one-track mind) I was thinking that all day sickness would maybe put me off sex, not signal it LMAO.

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    I had MS up until 20 weeks, all day, everyday!! I had a girl.
    I was also told through the whole PG is was a girl because of the MS lasting so long, all my extra weight went to my butt and the way i was carrying.

    Goodluck for your lil girl

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    My mum had severe ms with all 3 of her pregnancies, the last time was worst, and that was a boy, the first 2 were girls. I had severe ms too and had a girl. So I don't really believe it. However I do know some women who have had boys with no ms??

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    I had no morning sickness with my 15 year old, my 9 year old and my 7 year old - all boys. I had all day, but mostly afternoon/evening sickness in my pregnancy last year and it lasted up until a week after the baby was born at 15w4d and that was a boy as well.

    Just the luck of the draw and how your body reacts at the time I'm afraid.


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    I had ms just in the mornings with my first which went away about 14 weeks and it was a boy. This time I thought I must have been having a girl because I had morning sickness 24/7 up until about 20 weeks. I am 26 weeks now and still feel a tinge queezy sometimes. Anyway, we are having another boy so I don't you can tell at all by the ms what the sex is.

    I do think you can tell by the way you are carrying the baby. I am carrying both exactly the same - out the front. I have a friend who had 2 boys and a girl and she said the same thing. The girl was different in the way that she carried it. Not out the front so much and on the bottom area.

    I do hope you have a girl. I have my fingers crossed for you. Are you going to find out what you are having?

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    summ_mum Guest

    Default me too!

    hi there,

    i too am 8 weeks preg with my third child and am having TERRIBLE morning/all day sickness! i had boys the first two times and the morning sickness was nowhere near as bad as this one, so i am also hoping that it's indicative of a girl!

    at the same time, my second pregnancy was entirely different to my first as far as my body was concerned (especially the hair on my legs and acne on my face) and we were really surprised when he came out a boy, so who really knows what indicates girl or boy (though i do stick to the orange craving as meaning a girl!).

    whatever it is, i can't wait to find out at the end!

    good luck

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    It might be true, I was the same as you sick for about 6hrs in the morning with DS but with this one ALL day morning afternoon and even in the middle of the night and #2 is apparently a girl (I'll be convinced on her birthday :-) I have had a vastly differnt pg with this one, even the typical carrying girl way and done the ring test - all say girl Fingers crossed she doesn't turn into a he at birth or it's going to put all those old wives tales to shame

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    ttcno2 Guest


    thanks to all for your messages..
    sounds like its really just the luck of the draw..
    very funny ryn, when i read the title of the message back - i can see the confusion! funny thing is that i am much more "in the mood" if you know what i mean since being preg, and at least during that particular activity my morning sickness doesnt bother me as much..hmm..havent seen this remedy recommended before!
    we will find out what sex we are having, just so we can prepare..
    good luck to all of you who are hoping for one or the other!

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    Tammy05 Guest


    Me too!

    I am 8 weeks pregnant with my second and I have all day sickness and have to eat constantly. I have already put on weight and hope it ends after 12 weeks. My first was a boy and I had all day sickness but not this bad, this one feels totally different.


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