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    Sep 2007
    South Gippsland

    Talking Almost there

    Just have to post my sheer delight, I am almost offically out of the first trimester so when exactly is that 12 or 13 weeks? Either way I am at the very most 8 days until I am out.

    YAY Grow Beanie Grow!!

    Nae x

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    Oct 2007

    Nae that is so wonderful Yay Beanie!!
    oh, and I think at the end of week 12 youre 2nd tri

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    Sep 2008

    Oh that is great Nae Nae, so happy for you I think it is at the end of week 12, from memory, so not sure how accurate that is

    And I second that, grow Beanie, grow!

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    Aug 2008

    That is just such fantastic news, i am very happy for u hunni.

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    Mar 2007

    OMG that has gone so fast!! I'm SO SO happy for you!!

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    Apr 2007

    Thats great Nae - it's a relief to get that worriesome first tri out of the way!! Hopefully you can relax and breathe a bit more in the 2nd tri. xo

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    Sep 2008
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    Go Beanie Go!

    So happy for you Nae... looking forward to many more pg milestones!

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    Feb 2007

    Hooray little Beanie, you're doing a fabulous job of growing in there

    Wow NaeNae, I can't believe how fast your pregnancy is going. Woohoo for being nearly in the second tri!!!

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    Oct 2008

    You enter the second tri at 14 weeks I think

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    Feb 2006
    Newcastle, NSW

    Yay Beanie & huge hugs to you Nae.

    Here's to smooth sailing for here on in

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    Nov 2007
    in Love!

    Congrats Nae!
    I cant beleieve how fast that has gone! Welll done and I wish you a very relaxing rest of your pregnancy!


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    Dec 2007
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    I'm happy for you mate

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    Jan 2008
    Country Victoria

    Nae that is wonderful, I am so happy for you!

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    Oct 2005
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    How wonderful!!!!!! Yipppeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sep 2007
    South Gippsland

    I cannot believe how fast its gone, I guess considering the rocky start and all the extra little scans and everything has helped the time go so quickly. Its just so nice. Now my next goal is to make to the end of the 2nd Tri without incident.

    I have my NT scan next week and have asked MIL to come in place of her son which I am hoping will open her eyes a little more andto show her just how far technology has come to be able to monitor everything so closely.

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    Nov 2008

    Congrats Nae! You are so close and have come so far!! I have my fingers crossed that you have a smooth second trimester too.


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    Nov 2006
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    i am so, so so very happy for you hun!!!!

    One of the most anticipated little bundles ever !!!

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    Jul 2007
    in a super happy place!

    Congratulations Nae! I have been following your posts (gosh I sound like a stalker.. I swear I'm not!) and am so excited for you. Wishing you a lovely pregnancy!