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Thread: am i imagining things?

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    Question am i imagining things?

    ok i feel a little silly saying all this and apologize if it ends up being a little long...
    im just wondering if i could be having pregnancy symptoms already even though by my calculations id only be a few weeks, or if its just me and my wishful thinking convincing myself i could be pregnant??? a few weeks ago (what would have been at most a few days after Oing) my nipples got really sensitive and a little sore and so were my bbs, its not so bad now though. ive been so tired and feeling sick a fair bit though the past few days. i had a few dizzy spells too and some cramping. ive been peeing a LOT more frequently also.
    i don't think i am pregnant coz i dont even KNOW when i Oed seeing as though we have only just started ttc and havent been charting. anyway i guess i just wanted to vent a little, coz i wont even be able to test for a while yet... sigh.

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    Katherine, don't feel silly saying this at all! I felt silly complaining that AF hadn't showed and getting a BT to find out why: I could have enjoyed my pregnancy for over a week more if I hadn't felt silly! So it's better to know than to not.

    Anyway, a couple of questions: have you just come off the Pill and do you usually have any ovulation/LP/PMS symptoms? If you've just come off the Pill it could be your body readjusting to ovulation, which took me completely by surprise last year; I had dizziness, nausea, rushing to the loo... and no pregnancy. But later I learnt that I got sore breasts around ovulation and throughout my LP, I do get more dizzy when standing up off the Pill (?dehyrdation) and the nausea... well, that was just a one-or-two off as my body got used to regulating its own hormones.

    It's well worth keeping a TWW diary (a diary of all your symptoms post-ovulation) just so you know what's normal for you, that way you'll know how long after you O that AF arrives and if you always get dizzy/sore breasts then you won't get excited every month. Any deviation from this - even that you didn't get the symptoms you were expecting this TWW - is a sign you may be pregnant. This cycle I had no symptoms (not even O symptoms), whereas the one before I was even getting cramps in my uterus for well over a week after I was late!

    Anyway, I don't want this to be a downer post, it would be fab if you do get a BFP but as you may have guessed, I feel silly testing when I don't know the result for a definite, so there's nothing wrong with waiting it out as long as possible - it certainly makes your first trimester fly by LOL. Even if you've never been on the Pill it's worth noting that as soon as you start taking note of what you're body's doing evey symptom seems 10 times worse and it's more likely to play up! Typical. I'd suggest testing when you're a week late - so 3 weeks after your ?O date.

    Good luck and lots of babydust!

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    I was about 4 DPO when I got very sore BB's and lots of weeing and I was incredibly hot for a couple of weeks, I thought I was being silly in my secret thoughts that I was pregnant because we had only had one go at TTC and that was 3-4 days before o-ing but...whammo - I got a BFP 2 days after AF was due!

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