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Thread: Anemia during Pregnancy

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    Hi Guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone is suffering from Anemia at the moment?? I am 13 weeks pregnant and my Dr just called and said he would like me to take some Iron Supplements because my Iron is really low. If any has had this or has it, what are you taking for it and do you feel sick from it?

    Sorry for all the questions.

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    Hi there,

    I'm borderline anaemic and take iron supplements every second day. I think its a carry over from my pg with DD, I was severely anaemic after her birth.

    It does mess with ur loo trips (eww tmi lol) but I figure I need the iron so take them. I cant remember the name of the bottle (and its a long trip back to my bedroom lol) but its a little bottle with a green lid. The pill is also red.



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    Yea I Was With My First And It Also Makes U Very Tired I Was On 4 Iron Tablets A Day U Can Get Lots Of Iron Tablets But I Found The Best 1's Are Ferro-grad C I Am Also Taking Blackmores Pregnancy And Breast- Feeding Formula This Time And It Has Seemed To Help My Dr Told Me To Take My Iron At Nite And With A Glass Of Orange Juice
    Hope This Helps

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    I was told that as well, the eat lots of meat and spinach for dinner, and to have OJ while eating or taking my tablets. My body doesnt absorb very well at all, and i ended up having iron shots with 2 of my babies... Thats ouchie!!!

    Good luck, hope everything works out.

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