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Thread: Annoyed at OBYN/ Chiro's

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    Default Annoyed at OBYN/ Chiro's

    I have had a bad migraine for the past 2 days, it is caused by my neck being misaligned to which I usually go the chiropractor for and within hours the headache is gone.

    I mis-aligned my neck when I fell to sleep on the couch the other night and kinked it.

    anyways.... I rang my OBYN to Check it was ok to go the chiro.

    (last Pregnancy I went but it was close to miscarriage time and just scared me)

    anyways.... she said "No Comment"

    I am so angry, what is the point of having a reassuring Dr if they cant say Yes I think it's ok or NO it's not ok. she said (her receptionist actually) said She hasn't seen me yet and it was up to me but she was saying NO comment.

    Firstly she doesnt need to see me pregnant to make a comment, (I have been under her care for the past 10mths)

    On the American pregnancy Associations websites it says its fine to go to the chiro.

    But I cant help feeling scared now by the Dr's comments and I feel so unbelievable guilty for wanting to make the pain go away. (panadol is only taking the edge off.

    My father has just drove 1 hour during his work hours to come and rub my neck and shoulders for me to try and calm me down and thats why I am able to write this while googling some info on it.

    surely being in pain isnt healthy for baby?

    problem is... this is how my miscarriage started lastime ... I had a 4 day migraine which I pushed through unmedicated and then the day I went to the chiro I noticed my MS had suddenly stopped.

    I am scared, feeling guilty, tired and in pain...

    all I wanted was my so called pregnancy health care professional to advice me on whats best.....

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    My understanding is going to Chiro is ok, I think there are posts about Chiros on here somewhere and the consensus was it is ok. But your Chiro should be able to tell you. I went to a myotherapist for a massage when 8 wks and she wouldn't massage me as soon as I said I was pregnant. A good practitioner will know what they can and can't do, they would not want to put there reputation on the line if it is beyond what is considered safe.

    Your OB should have said yes or no safe but alot of medical professionals don't agree with chiros so that could have been the reason for no comment.

    I see my chiro once a month, he adjusts my neck each time. He has been aware I'm pregnant since I was 6 weeks, he just adjusts my lower back differently to when I was not pregnant.

    Hope you find some relief soon.

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    It is OK to visit a chiro. I think your OB is very inconsiderate to treat you like that

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    Thanks for the replies

    I did go the chiro, he decided not to adjust my hip, instead put block under them to try and get my hip to slip back in on its own. they didnt btw. But I can handle that pain.

    He did however crack my neck... Straight away I could feel the difference, all of a sudden my brain wasnt so clouded and groggy and the pain was manageable.

    it's still sore but I am sure it will settle down tomorrow...

    I really had no choice the pain was just too great.

    thanks for your support and yeah I agree the OB wasnt helpful which was a shock as it was the complete opposite she has been great for the past 10 mths...but that might have been when i was about to pay for IVF?

    thanks again

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