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Thread: Anybody breastfeeding and pregnant?

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    Default Anybody breastfeeding and pregnant?

    I'm still BF DS and just today one of my nipples began hurting, I was nearly in tears whilst feeding him.

    I'm just wondering whether it's just a symptom that will go away SOON.

    I can't remember my boobs or nipples being sore last time.

    If you have experienced this did anything help?


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    Bonnie Doon


    Ummm yep I was feeding for the first few months of being p/g. I know my nipples were extra sensitive with him latching on but the actual feed was ok...
    I weaned by the 2nd tri so can't really help you about it getting better. I assume it would settle down by then though....

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    Sorry to hear it's been so painful for you. I've had sensitive nipples on and off during this PG, thankfully not continually! I hope it eases up for you soon and that you & your little one are able to continue to BF for as long as you want.

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    I am still breastfeeding and my nipples are sore. I do find, though, that it comes and goes. One day it can be super painful and the next not so bad. I almost went through the roof the day that Charlotte thought that it would be fun to pinch my nipple with her fingers. She tried to go back for another go because I reacted to hilariously but I stopped that.

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