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    angelique Guest

    Awful dreams...

    Hi there,

    Does anyone else in their first trimester have any awful dreams about losing their baby or about blood?

    I had a dream that when I was urinating I was getting drops of blood coming out as well. I was so upset and I thought it was so real until I woke up (and was desperate to go to the toilet mind u. Lucky I didn't wet my pants hehehe). It is really scary and has made me paranoid now.

    Does anyone else experience anything similar? Is it just pregnancy anxiety again? I bet it will continue throughout the pregnancy!!


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    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    I think this is perfectly normal... I set up a similar post in my first tri as I was having some very strange and horrid dreams. I even dreamt that the baby came out of a nostril when I blew my nose too hard!

    It's just your brain coping with anxiety - it's actually a good outlet I think!

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    Custardtart Guest

    Hi Ange,
    I had extremely vivid dreams throughout all my pregnancies, some bizarre, some hilarious, some just plain horrible. Put it down to hormones and enjoy the ride! I swear, if I could just REMEMBER all of those weird dreams I'd have some awesome movie scripts!


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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I remember having some really terrifying dreams during my first trimester. It was awful, but I think it's just our fears and anxieties. I just tried not to think about the dreams too much or I would've gone completely mad, I was nearly half mad by the time I had my first u/s due to worrying so much!

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    Mar 2005

    Hun, i had very weird horrible dreams- very vivid too. I think it's the hormones? Know that they're only dreams though, hard but true.xx O

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    Mar 2004

    I've had some really wierd and vivid dreams while I've been pregnant. some of them were just horrid but there have also been a few that were really very enjoyable . I think its a bit of a combo of hormones and dealing with normal pregnancy fears.

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    angelique Guest

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for all your opinions and sharing your experiences with me. It is just another one of those scary thing that happens to us I guess. It was my first bad dream so I better get used to it!!! heheheh If only it did not feel so real. I think next time I will go easy on the water after 7pm as I tend to dream about urinating when I am really busting to wee.

    Take care everyone and thanks so much again.



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    Jun 2003

    I had absolutely AWFUL nightmares towards the end of my pregnancy with Paris. They were very disturbing and often left me in a state of shock for an hour or so. My Dr was concerned about my lack of sleep due to the nightmares so I ended up on temazapan (but of course this isn't needed for everyone). So I want you to know it is normal, and can be quite disturbing. I haven't had any yet, so I'm hoping I won't this time as this pregnancy has been soooo different!



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    Jul 2005

    Hi there

    I've had awful dreams pretty much all the way through - I even dreamt that I gave birth whilst out night clubbing in a toilet (What THE!!!!). :mad:

    I even looked up miscarriage on a dream website and it stated that it is very common - especially in 2nd trimester to have these types of dreams....either way not the most pleasurable way to wake.

    Maybe you should put some lavender on your pillow before you fall asleep - it seems to relax your body and your mind - could be worth a try.... [-o<