thread: babys heart rate

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    Oct 2005
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    babys heart rate

    hey girls

    i was just wondering im gettin my dating ultrasound dont tomorrow and i was just wondering if you can tell by the heart rate wat sex your babys is but i cant remember if girls heart rates are faster or slower and vice verser can anyone help

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    getinmybelly!! Guest

    girls are sposed to be 150 and up. However my DD was at 145.

    but yeah the general rule is boys are slower, girls faster.

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    Jul 2004

    This is just an old wives tale...But they say if its below 140bpm then it's a boy and if high than it's a girl. But this has been wrong many times so it isn't 100% accurite

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    Jul 2005

    My bubs heart was 150 and its a girl.....

    I dont really believe in wives tales... its fun guessing tho!