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    Hi, i am 9weeks preg, and for the last 5days , i have had back pain on and off, this is really weird, as i am not one to get backpain.. I still get the odd twinge etc in the uterus area but i know that is just stretching and i have had no spotting during the pg. we had a scan at 8weeks, and the bubs was ok, good heart beat of 153, but should i be concerned with the back pain, our nxt obs appt isnt til nxt tues. how many people get back pain and all is ok???

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    Hi Maggie,

    I wouldnt be too concerned as its clasified as a symptom.
    Ive had back pain from about week 5 and get it everyday. DP usually rubs it for me a bit which helps but its one of the most annoying things! Im not too concerned about it as it seems im taking after my mother with my symptoms, although she had the back pain all the way through her pregnancy (i really hope mine stops before then!!)

    If you get too worried, give your GP a call, thats what theyre there for

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