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    Hi ladies,

    I also posted this in TTC threads

    On the weekend, I hurt my back. Not doing anything out of the sorts. So bad, that I went to the doctor today cause "something wasnt right". I had a good chat with my GP and she reckons I have done something to my sacroliliac region. She also said that the pain could be caused by high estrogen (sp?) levels which might be related to pregnancy!!!!!! God, my fingers are crossed as I really want my BFP this month. She said that you can get movement in your lower back region very very early in the pregnancy (I am testing this Friday) which I find bizzare.

    Oh well, hoping she was right. Anyway, has anybody else heard of this? If I am pregnant, I am hoping this is not a sign of things to come! Has anyone else had a bad back and gone on to have good / bad symptoms when preggers?

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    Hi Jenny, I certainly can't claim to have a 'bad' back, but I can say that I'm nearly 8 weeks PG and I sure have been feeling it in my lower back (I think that's the sacroilliac region?). I don't remember this from my first PG (9 yrs ago) but it's significant enough for me to shopping for a good prenatal exercise class!

    So hope you get the good news you are hoping for and !

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    Jenny Guest


    Thanks Marydean! Really appreciate your advice. I will probably have to look into something similar if I am preggers.

    Hope you are going OK with your pregnancy.

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