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    Mar 2004


    Another question from me!

    I have noticed for awhile now that my BB's are no longer sore. From memory, they are slightly more sensitive than pre-pregnancy, but only slightly. Just wondering, is this 'normal'? Throughout my pregnancy so far I haven't really had very sore BB's, but have definitely noticed a change of less sensitivity, maybe over a month ago now, not 100% sure.



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    Jul 2004
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    My BBs have become a lot less sore over the past month or so. The only time they are sore now is before I leak (I'm one of those strange ppl who leak during preg). I think it's probably perfectly normal that ur bbs r no longer sore and not as sensitive. AFTER the birth they will be more sensitive and will probably grow a fair bit too, so just relax and enjoy the fact that they don't ache for now.

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    Yeah my bb's stopped being sore a few weeks into the first trimester. So perfectly natural

    Love :hbeat:

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    Jul 2004
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    Same here... the soreness probably went away in the 2nd tri for me..

    (& I don't think you're strange for leaking Katkins, as I had leaky bb's too! )