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Thread: bbs looking smaller???

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    Question bbs looking smaller???

    ok so this morning when i woke up although they were the usual excruciating filled fun that they normally are when i looked in the mirror my bbs kinda look smaller!!!
    its freaking me out!!! they still feel tender and i do still have my other symptoms but its just really worrying me has anyone else had this?

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    Hi, I found the same thing, they seemed to get bigger a bit, fuller, then one day I woke up and they seemed smaller again. I wouldn't worry too much though, they don't grow all that much this early on, you won't see them get bigger till like around 18 - 20 weeks. At least that was my experience with my first son. I was worried about it, but all my other symptoms are there still and my bb's hurt like hell if master two leans on them! so not so worried now.

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    thanks for that...
    we are due around the same time too!!!

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    Yeah mine didn't make any major changes until mid 2nd trimester - a part from the tenderness and more obvious veins. Have you lost any weight from m/s cause i think that added to mine actually decreasing in size at first?

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    nah although i like to complain about it from what i understand from hearing other ppls experiences i have been lucky with ms... i mean i suffer from really bad nausia but theres been no spewing my main problem is dizzyness so idn what it is they are still tender as though and i am still feeling sick so i am feeling a little more positive about it today...

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    I too experienced this decrease, I have dropped at least a size in the last week, I wouldnt have been so concerned except they were bigger last week and then dropped.. my beta looks ok and was quite sick yesterday...

    I did jump on the scaled this morning and noticed I dropped 2 kgs so maybe it was from weight loss.

    I have been eating healthy so maybe that is...

    As long as they are still sore and u feel like crap in general its a good sign....

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