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    Hi girls,

    I'm thinking of having a CVS done. Could anyone recommend a VERY experienced doctor who has VERY low m/c rate? I called Centre Ultrasound Group in St Vincent's(?) and asked for the most experienced doctor, but the receptionist said they do not have a number (m/c rate) associated with each doctor, well, in that case, how cam I be sure I'm in good hands? I'm 38 and this could be my last change of having a baby, I really want to minimize any unnecessary risk.

    Or maybe I should go for amnio?

    thanks in advance,
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    Where do you live? I can recommend Shaun/Sean Chong/cheung/choong (OK can't quite get teh name right) at Monash Ultrasound in Victoria. He works from Box Hill, Monash, and Richmond on different days of the week. He is an OB but Ultrasounds and associated procedures are all he does so very experienced.
    I went to him for a CVS but he would not do it as position of baby meant it was risky so went back for an amnio and I did not feel a thing during the procedure or after.

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    They won't give you the m/c rate by each doctor they just go with the standard figure.
    Not sure what the CVS one is but the amnio one is 1:200.

    I had the amnio done at 16wks and everything went well. I made sure i stayed in bed for a couple of days.

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    Hi TT,
    It is a scary thing having any sort of invasive procedure. As a health care consumer you have a right to know your doctors personal stats. This is a difficult one though as their stats are measured on any woman who has a miscarriage within so many weeks (can't remember if it is 4 or 6 weeks) after the procedure. So, that will also include women who would have experienced pregnancy loss regardless if they had cvs/amnio or not.

    Pregnancy loss after CVS and Amnio do differ from doctor to doctor. Some doctors will have stats of as low as 1:80 and others as high as 1:300 or more. So, again it is something you should know before engaging their services.

    Are you in Melbourne (St Vinny's Melbourne?) - I am assuming you are. Look for a Fetal Medicine Unit - better stilll go with the personal referrals from women in here. I think word of mouth is often the best way to go.

    Wishing you all the best with this.

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    Hi girls,

    Thanks for all the information. I live in South Yarra, Melbourne area.

    No Caro I've not had NFT scan yet, I'm thinking of having CVS done merely because of my age, 38 is in the high risk group.


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    tt i would wait until after your NT scan to book to have a CVS done as you could go ahead and have one for no reason at all.
    I'm not sure if they do them unless you have had the NT scan first with low results.

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