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Thread: to bleach or not to bleach?

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    Default to bleach or not to bleach?

    Bit embarassed to have to ask, but can I bleach my (damned) mo? I'm nearly eight weeks and my upper lip is getting quite fatherly!!!
    Also, can I bleach my snail trail? This is heaps closer to the bubs so is it deemed more dangerous (if at all?).
    Hehehehehe, how embarassing

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    I've always thought that the tiny amount of chemicals that will penetrate your skin can't do much more harm than the carbon monoxide etc that we are gulping down all day but I can understand why people might be wary.
    Maybe another option is to wax the hair - the nads wand is pretty good for eyebrows so it would probably work ok on a mo.

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    I bought this nifty thing from Priceline that is a small battery operated razor thingy for "ladies" only it doesn't leave stubble. It was around $14.00. I've found it quite effective for facial hair removal. I also like Veet for the face. It's very mild and shouldn't be a problem. Might be worth considering if you are worried about bleach.

    Tulip, I also didn't do my roots for the first trimester. I was shocked at how much grey there was. I hadn't had a real good look at my actual hair colour for about seven years!

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    I think the facial hair would be ok to do, but with the snail trail, I read on here a while ago (can't remember which post exactly), but they said to leave it alone and after the pg it will fall out, but if you touch it, it will stay there (someone correct me if I am wrong).

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    You can always just wax???

    there are no problems with waxing but as a hairdresser I know that when i was in my first tri I counlt stand the smell of products! even shampoo :shock:

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    I have a snail trail of about 3 or 4 hairs so I just pluck!

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    Considering its right near ur nose u would defenitely inhale the god awful stuff. i personally think better safe than sorry. I use nads (completely natural) on my mo and hair stays away for up to 6 wks

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    Default For what it's worth... hairdresser refuses to colour hair during the first trimester and then again from 6 weeks prior to your due date. In between is no problem, except for the fact that preggy hair can react differently to dyes so she says that she always crosses her fingers when she colours a pregnant lady's hair!

    I figure she knows what she's on about as she's been in the business for over 20 years and has taught apprentices for years as well. She knew I was pregnant before I did...she took one look at my hair and asked me if I was pregnant....and it turned out she was right!!

    Re the snail beauty therapist says it is really common to get a hairier tummy during pregnancy and she just waxes her customers. Mostly it all falls out after bubs is born. I've already had mine done once 8-[ and it didn't really hurt at all.

    Sorry...that's a really long way of saying....try waxing if you can't hang on any longer!


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    I had the snail trail too and a bit of nipple hair 8-[ it fell out pretty quickly thankfully.

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