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Thread: Bleeding!

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    Question Bleeding!

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an incredible story to share.....but at the same time some questions to ask.

    I am the happy mum of 3 children (8y, 4y and 2y). My husband had a vasectomy whilst I was about 6 months pregnant with my third bubby.

    Recently when my usual period came - it wasn't so usual....light for about 3 days....strange! Then the bleeding really started ...... and continued.....and continued.

    I got really sick of it at the 3 week mark, and went to see my doctor who suggested a whole barrage of very unimpressive possibilities.......cancer.....polyps......tumour. ....all ending with a hysterectomy. Now - here I am 32(!) - scared and can't see a specialist for about 4 weeks!

    Doctor suggests - have some blood taken and checked.....and "Oh btw - chuck in a pregnancy test - just incase this is an ectopic". I thought this was ridiculous - as surely that would be very painful - and as I was not experiencing any pain.....i disregarded this blood test! Also - she ordered an ultrasound to measure the thickness of my uterus.

    So - I turn up a few days later for the ultrasound......sonographer says - um.....there is a gestational sac! You can imagine how I felt about this.......INSTANT TEARS! A gestational sac with a heartbeat too!

    So - my bleeding is still this stage for 25 can I have a viable pregnancy after all of that?

    Doctor ordered immediate bedrest for 48-72 hours. During this time - I got - SERIOUS cramping (as severe as contractions) - and serious diahorrea! I thought - ok.....i am miscarrying.

    Blood tests taken 4 days later - HCG's still within normal range.

    Doctor now says - looks like pregnancy is continuing! Bleeding has stopped
    Have to have another HCG measure on Friday to make sure levels are going up.

    Ok - question time........
    How many of you lovely ladies have fallen pregnant with a 'vasectomised' husband?
    Could I have been carrying twins and lost one?
    Could I still be losing this baby?
    Has anyone else experienced bleeding for such a long time in first trimester?

    Sorry - this has turned into quite an essay!

    Many thanks for your help,

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    Whoa, what a story! I am not sure if I should be congratulating you or not on your pg, considering that your dh had a vasectomy.

    Please be assured that lots of women bleed and quite heavily during pg, and in the 1st trimester, this certainly does not mean that you are m/cing. With the HGC test to be done on Friday this will confirm that you are having a viable pg.

    As for twins, I am not really sure, but I would think that the u/s would have shown that? I know of a lady that I worked with that was pg with twins & m/c one, but they did know for sure that she was pg with twins. Certianly a q to ask you GP from the u/s results.

    I cannot comment on getting pregnant after dh had a vasectomy but I am fairly sure that they usually make the man come back in to make sure that there are no little spermies that are swimming, so if your dh did go back and they said that there were no swimmers, then **** they stuffed up.

    I am sure that there will be many of the lovely ladies in here that could possibly shed some further and more helpful light on your questions.

    Good luck with it all

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    Wow, Hugs to you Alana. Sorry I can't offer any advice!!!

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    I know how worried you must be, scary isnt it!

    I have 3 DD's and with my first 2 DD's I was carrying twins, although didnt know it at the time. I lost the twin both times and with that came heaps of bleeding, ordered bed rest and a healthy baby at the end. I bled for ages with the 2nd one, I honestly thought that every day I was losing the baby, but she is a pretty good 10yr old now.

    We are here for you anytime you need to talk.

    Hugs to you

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