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Thread: Bleeding at 6wks what to do?

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    Default Bleeding at 6wks what to do?

    Hi all,
    I am 6wks pg & after going to the loo this morning I have noticed some spotting, mostly brown a little pink but I am quite concerned.
    Of course it's saturday so I can't ring my fertility clinic so I don't know what to do?
    Do I just sit it out or go to my local gp?
    I didn't have any bleeding with my first pg so obviously I'm worried.
    Please any advice would be appreciated.

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    If the bleeding starts to get heavy or you are in any pain then go to see your GP. If it is only a little spotting then I would suggest resting up and calling the clinic on Monday. Hopefully they can arrange a scan to reassure you. I know this is awful and scary, but bleeding in pregnancy is very common and often not a sign of miscarriage

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    Oh I feel for you. Bleeding is so scary during pregnancy. I have two stories of this happening, both around the 6 week mark. The first was in March this year where I went to the toilet in the morning to be faced with lots of blood (including clots) and this resulted in a miscarriage. This pregnancy I had some bleeding at around the 6.5 week mark. It wasn't as much, but there was enough that some was on my underwear (I didn't just notice it when I wiped). Anyway, that blood was mainly brownish and became just spotting pretty quickly and after a few days stopped completely. I haven't had any more since and am now at the 13.5 week mark! So while I can totally understand your concern only a small amount of blood should be ok. I'd still ring your doc on Monday though as see if you can book in for a scan, that's what I did this time and seeing the little heart fluttering away was such a big relief!

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    Hi Jo,
    Bleeding is scary! I had some this time at around 5 & 6 weeks, but relatively heavy, red bleeds.
    If it's just very light, and especially if it's brown, it is hopefully nothing to worry about. Like Traveller suggests, I would go to the doctor/hospital if it gets heavier or especially if you have a lot of pain. Does you clinic have an afterhours/emergency contact? When my clinic is closed you can call in and the message gives you numbers to call.
    All the best

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    so sorry to hear this i had a large amount of blood with my first preg which resulted in miscarriage very early around 4 weeks mark but no pains which was strange so my GP told me this time if i had any bleeding head straight to hospital just to be sure, it also helps with stress to know whats going on. although this time round i had some very very light bleeding light pink in colour for around half an hour at around 5 weeks which was implantation bleeding (bubba just getting settled in). wish you the best of luck an sending some stickyvibes keep us posted..

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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts & I'm sorry for your own loses. I am so worried we have had fertility treatment to become pg so we thought we were over the hard part.
    I have continued bleeding all day, it's only there when I wipe but it's more than just spotting & it's pink now.
    The after hours clinic said it may be nothing (or not) & I think they will send me for b/t monday morning, they said sometimes you might be low in progesterone & they can give shots for that but if its the hcg levels they can't do anything so I just have to sit tight till monday which is awful because I keep waiting for 'something to happen'.
    I don't know what I'll do if I loose this one.

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    Aww its the worst feeling in the world isn't it!!!

    I had bleeding this time round from 6-13 weeks and it was the most scariest time of my life, it also started on a Saturday too which was a PITA! I had a scan the monday morning and they showed a heartbeat and a clot in the uterus which was causing the bleeding... You will be surprised how common bleeding in pregnancy is!!!

    Wishing you all the best and I hope the weekend goes fast and the bleeding stops so you can be reassured xxoo

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    Hi Miss K
    How much bleeding did you have. I am 9 weeks today. I have had flecks of blood when I wipe but only occasionly. It's like a tiny bit of thread. Today though I had a bit more flecks but still only flecks and only the one time. I am on pessaries until wednesday. At about 5 and a half weeks I had a spot of blood but really no big bleeding or spotting as such. as for cramps just these niggles in the side lower pelvis. Dr said that is possibly because my ovaries are still a little up. '

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    Oh goodness, I was coming in here to ask the same question!
    Last night, after my pre-bed wee, I looked at the toilet paper and nearly fainted. Pale pink blood, and a lot of stretchy white mucus. It looked exactly like the beginning of my period.
    It being close to 10pm, there was not a thing I could do except put a pad on and go to bed.
    At midnight, I needed to wee again (SIGH) and there was no blood and the pad was clear.
    This morning, there was no blood and the pad was still clear!
    I've a referral for an ultrasound at 7 weeks (my oB ordered it for me for "reassurance purposes", gotta love that) so I'll book it today. I'm 6w3d now.
    I hope it's just one of those things and not the first sign of disaster. Even the ultrasound is worrying me- I've already had one ultrasound where I was told "Sorry, there's no heartbeat", I can't bear the thought of another.
    Oh dear.
    I hope we all have healthy successful pregnancies. And I also hope I can resist the urge to scamper to the loo every five minutes just to check that there's no blood.

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