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Thread: Blood test - do you have to have one?

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    Janie Guest

    Default Blood test - do you have to have one?

    I asked the doctor when I went on Monday and she didn't think it was necessary. She said my OB would do all the routine bloods at my first appointment (1 March). That was even after I only got a faint line on the test she did.

    So did you have or do you think it is necessary?

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    I didn't have HCG bloods for my pregnancies, but I did have all the "ante-natal blood tests" done prior to a 7 week OB appt, which included HCG. They tested for my Rubella status, my haemoglobic (iron?) count, AIDS, and a whole stack of other things.......

    If you are happy not too, and your GP is happy with your HPT result, then that should be fine.......

    Love your new avatar BTW!

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    Hi Janie,

    I didnt have a blood test until 8 weeks and it was just to check all my levels, rubella, hepitias etc etc.. same as Lucy.
    Though in saying that i had an ultrasound at 5 weeks to make sure it wasnt an ectopic pregancy as i was on the pill and saw the sack. But otherwise i think it would have been similar for me, i wouldnt have had the test until 8 weeks or so.

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    brodes80 Guest


    I also did't have BT to test for PG, onlt the normal rubella etc at 9 weeks. The shop tests are apparently enough for the GP's to confirm the pregnancy!!

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    I don't think you have to, but my doctor did.

    But he also did all the other standard ones like HepB, HIV, iron etc and I was only 4 weeks. Thank goodness my iron was tested so early, because it was VERY low :shock: I then just took a copy of those results to show my OB (once I decided who that would be)

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    Fee Guest


    I only had a BT done by my GP because the wee test came back negative. So she did all the other early pregnancy tests as well during this time.

    But you should be fine waiting until your first OB appt. At mine he did all the same tests again even though my GP had sent her results through.

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    Janie Guest


    Ohhhh I see - thanks so much girls. I just thought everyone has a BT and wondered why I didn't.

    Lucy - thanks for your comment re my avatar. I really love it - kinda funny looking at a little mini me!

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    I had a blood test done i suppose it was moreso to get a HCG level so it could go on my report and to make sure everything was normal at 3.5 weeks..

    BTW your avatar is awesome and soooo resembles you!

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    peppy75 Guest


    The doctor only did the urine test to confirm and it was only a faint line too.

    I had a blood test a couple of days later (to check rubella immunity, aids etc) so the results would be available for my first OB appointment.

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    kirsty Guest


    My Dr did a pregnancy test in his office (urine one) then when it was positive he just sent me off for the screening BT's ~ as the others have mentioned ~ to check the levels of stuff like rubella, CMV, iron, blood count & stuff like that.

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