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    Nov 2004

    Blurred Vision

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has had blurred vision while pg. I just returned from a meetign and cannot see my computer screen very well. My vision is blurred with wavy lines everywhere I look. It is very strong and worse in my right eye.

    I have just made an appointment at the doctor for 6pm as I am worried about it. Looked it up on Google and it was a warning sign in pg.

    It may just be that I have overdone it and rest will be the answer.


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    Hi Gemma, I would check with your doc just for peace of mind but I have read in a pg book that it can be normal and is due to the shape of your eyeball changing a bit during pg. (I think that was it)
    I wear glasses and I always feel like I need a new prescription when I'm pg but it goes back to normal after the birth.

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    yep you can also get oedema or fluid retention on the retina so it is sometimes worth getting checked by a Dr or an optomotrist... there are ones that bulk bill out there so its definately worth doing! I was getting blurred vision after giving birth and went to the optomotrist thinking I'd have to get a new script for my glasses & apparently they corrected themselves during PG!! So I don't need glasses anymore! Its pretty crazy what our bodies do!

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    Thanks ladies,

    Doctor gave me two days off work and told to rest. I am not taking any days off but will take it easy. Thanks for your advice, I think it was just a first tri panic attack.


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    Aug 2004

    I have been getting this too. I dont know wether to get it checked out. I have always had great vision and now I am having trouble. I noticed it first when I could not read the questions last week on who wants to be a millionaire.

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    christinem Guest

    Yes I thought it was only glad there are others who have experienced the same thing...I dont normally wear glasses apart from sitting in lecutures but I have really noticed a difference with my eyes. It was worse around 8 weeks or so, but now it seems to have eased off a bit

    We get so many weird things whilst pregnant....


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    I never needed glasses til after my last pregnancy. I went to renew my license and could barely see the eye test so I had no choice but to go. The optometrist couldn't believe that I'd never worn glasses before as they were that bad. See what kids do to you. And you thought it was only stretch marks and saggy boobs

    Take care

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    Dec 2008

    Just found out

    HI everyone...well you can guess why I am here!!. I am only 'just' pregnant 4wks to be exact and my doc has me on HCG tests.
    I sort of knew something was up last week when my breasts were quite tender and felt 'full' instead of I have never had morning sickness but for the last week i have been feeling queazy. Have done 7 HPT and 5 were positive.
    So heres hoping ... have changed over to blackmores gold preg and breast feeding tablets today from the concetion vitamins..