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Thread: Boob Question Urgent Help PLease

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    *Lisa* Guest

    Default Boob Question Urgent Help PLease

    I Know this is a bit of a TMI Q but I really need to ask.

    How far were you into your pregnancy that you could get stuff from out of your Boobs, I just had a shower and did a breast check and Colostrum (Sp) came out. I only just got a faint postive this morning and Up untill now havent got anything out of them for over 18 months from DS.

    Is this weird?
    Should I be worried?

    Please help me I'm so worried there is something wrong with my boobs

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    from memory, sonsangel had this very early on, too


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    skyelar Guest


    I don't think any Q's are TMI for BB

    I still had milk 18 months after I finished BF my DD.

    When I started IVF drugs it dried up, now I am 15w & I have got a tiny bit back again!


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    sonsangel Guest


    Yes, I had this about a week after approx Ovulation, which made me think I could possibly pregnant way before I could test. Such a tease really, hehe. I did end up getting lots of faint positives before seeing the Dr for confirmation. I didn't really get many signs that I was pregnant other than that. A little nausea all day long but no sickness. Just feeling a little off really. My son was 2yrs old when we feel preg, and I stopped breastfeeding him at 16wks, so not sure why I got this symptom either.

    It's not a bad sign at all and our bodies can differ alot. I'd say a big congratulations to you sounds like the signs are there.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I had it from 18 weeks pregnant but remember everyone is different so it makes sense that everyone gets it at different points in their pregnancy.

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    *Lisa* Guest


    HI Girls, Turns out I'm not preg but a false + or I lost it but AF arrived when she should of so I'd say it was false.
    Thanks anyhow Its still happening so when I next see my doc I'll ask her about it.

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