thread: Breakthrough Bleeding at 32 days (6-7 weeks)

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    Breakthrough Bleeding at 32 days (6-7 weeks)


    Not sure as to how to go about things here as it is all new to me, so I will just have to wing it.

    Is there anyone out there who has sufferred from breakthrough bleeding from day 1? It is really starting to freak me out.

    We have been trying to concieve for over 3 & 1/2 years and have had 4 failed attempts of IVF ( 7 embryo's transfered in total). So I was excited to find out that we were pregnant on our own accord between treatments.

    What should normally be the most wonderful experience for most has been anything but. From the day of implantation I have had dark brown endometrial discharge which after a while I have managed to accept as normal. But today (day 32) the blood has become a bright pinky red. Although I have felt like I am having a period all the way through I have'nt so far (touch wood) experienced any severe cramping and discomfort. Blood tests have indicated a normal amount of pregnancy hormone and I am not due for my first antenatal visit until tue 1st Nov.

    I am currently experiencing tiredness, breast tenderness and nausea. Which I am hoping is something positive at least. Is there any one out there that has experienced something similar and can give me a positive feedback.

    It makes it hard to deal with as I live in a country town where there is a 2 week waiting list to even get in to see a Dr.

    Desperately seeking some much needed advise.

    [-o< :smt022 [/i]

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    Hi Jules & Welcome to BellyBelly

    I'm sorry I don't have much personal experience with what you are going through, but I thought I'd move your post to general discussion where I hope others can help you. Also you might want to check out this thread here about bleeding in Pregnancy & the article on the main web site.

    *Sticky Vibes*

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    Breakthrough Bleeding

    Thanks Christy much appreciated! Thread was a great help.

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    Jules - like Christy; I haven't had any personal experience like yours but I hope the bleeding during pregnancy thread assisted you with additional information & experiences.

    Do you have a local hospital you can go to? Perhaps if you go to emergency they can perform an ultrasound, especially if you mention the discharge has changed colour and give them a bit of an understanding of your background?

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    Jules - I had sludgy brown discharge for a week or so around 6-7 weeks, and that turned to pink/red streaked mucus for probably another week or so. I had an ultrasound, which showed bubby to be just fine. No-one knows why I had that bleeding, and I haven't had any bleeding since.

    I hope it clears up for you soon. As much as you tell yourself not to worry, that it's only light and the ultrasounds are ok, it still niggles in the back of your mind that bleeding is a bad thing. But so many people have bleeding and it doesn't affect the pg. So I hope yours clears up soon.

    Congrats btw on falling pg naturally between treatments! how exciting!

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    Bleeding at 7 weeks

    Hello Ladies

    Thank you for your support. What a fabulous resource we have at our finger tips and such a comfort!

    It has given me hope. Unfortunately I have felt that I am going through this alone as I can not tell any of my friends or family. My partner wants to wait until 12 weeks. I guess for my benefit and his as we have waited for this for sooooooo long.

    Beckibe - Yes wouldn't it be great to be able to go to my local hospital and get some answers. But unfortunately I don't think I am up to a 2-6 hour wait to see someone.

    We have an estimated population of around 11,000 people. To service this area we currently have 10 Doctors between 2 town surgeries, 5 of which are only part time ranging from 1-2 days per week. It is absolutely ridiculous. So even trying to get into a Dr is a 2 week wait.

    Fortunately I have an appointment on Tue next week. I hope things can settle between now and then. I am trying to keep positive for some good news.

    When I woke this morning quite a lot of dark red blood and discharge. No cramps though and no big clot. Hopefully just a result of lying down overnight as it is always yucky first thing in the morning.

    Anyway thank you again for you advice. I will keep you posted and hopefully have some good news soon.


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    Oh how scary, I will keep everything crossed for you & bubs!!

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    Breakthrough Bleeding 7 weeks 3 Days

    Hi Ladies,

    Just a quick note to advise that I had my first ultrasound today. Everything is fine so far. We are 7 Weeks and 3 days with a EDD 19-06-06. 1.13cm and 140bpm. Which is all normal. Looks like my placenta is low and could explain some of the bleeding. The ultrasound Technician said that this may change as the pregnancy developes.

    So not sure what the implications of a low lying placenta are, I guess it is something else to investigate. Still bleeding every day. Some days dark brown goop and others bright pink to red goop. So all I can do really is take it easy.

    Had my first Dr's appointment yesterday. She didn't seem all that interested in anything I had to say. Just wrote a referal for the ultrasound and standard blood tests. Said to come back at around 11 weeks. Only need to contact her if I have heavy bleeding and associated cramping. Didn't weigh me, examine me or even check my blood pressure. But suprised really, I thought being pregnant was a big deal but obviously not.

    The main thing is everything is as it should be, so I just have to hold out another 5 weeks in the meantime and take it easy.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.


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    Hi there Jules

    sounds like you've had some good news and the US being fine is always reassuring....

    Welcome to BB by the way and here's hoping all works out for you, bubba and DH - if it's any consolation my pregnancy has been an adventure also.... good luck, fingers and toes crossed


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    Thats great news on your scan!! I understand what you mean about having to wait, a lot of hospitals and OB's don't even want to see you until you are 12 weeks. In the meantime come & join the girls who are due in June (is that when you are due?) The thread to post is here

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    Jules. I am glad that the ultra sound went well, how cool to see you bub.. I can wait to have my first US. 2nd doctors appointment tomorrow, guess I will get referals then.. Al she did the first time as blood tests referals and a preg test ( that was so faint it wasn't funny)... Come and join us in the June thread.. I am de around the same time as you..

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    May i suggest something, Next time you see your doctor if your still geting the discharge ask the doctor to do a vaginal swab and a urine test. I had same thing and ended up in emergency at the local hospital with a possible ectopic pregnancy when i was exactly 7wks 2 days pg i was scared as hell but the ultrasound showed lil Peanut was fine. The docs at the hosptial missed the severe urinary tract infection that my GP picked up, a simple course of antibiotics and it cleared up. I had cramps along with it but some cramping is normal (especially when your already carrying excess weight) because the muscles are stretching and trying to accomodate the extra weight of the uterus.
    Try not to stress over it too much and get checked for an infection.
    Infections are very common and quite tricky as they can present with no pain at all and no normal symptoms. Take it easy and dont over exert yourself
    Good luck matey i wish you all the best.
    Have a great day

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    Don't forget to also checkout the article on Bleeding in Pregnancy on BellyBelly:
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    Hi everyone, Today I had break through bleeding and almost had a panic attack! lol.
    I had break through when a few days after i found out i was pregnant but today was alot more heavier! Im still having my symptoms of m/s and bloating, but after reading everyones posts i feel alot more relaxed!
    Im off to my doctors tomorrow to ask for a scan! Im DYING to see bubs!!
    Might be a bit early yet but i want to make sure everything is ok!

    -good luck to everyone!


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    Good Luck Loz O