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Thread: Brown discarge

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    Default Brown discarge

    I am 8 weeks pregnant and have a brown discarge! Is it anything to be worried about? does it mean i am going to miscarry?

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    littlerigger Guest


    I had brown spotting / discharge about the same time as you, mine was all fine. I STRONGLY recommend getting along to your GP to have a check up. I went with the theory better to be over cautious

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    I have an ultrasound wed, so i guess i will see if he/she is ok then.

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    skyelar Guest


    I had this as well with my DD at about 7 weeks. My Dr told me if it is brown then it is old blood which is ok. Still very worrying though isn't it!

    Take care

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    I have had this since the beginning of my comes and goes and everything so far is fine with my pregnancy.

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    made me worry less now that i know i am not the only one!
    Thanks guys!

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