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Thread: Calculating EDD with late O

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    woozie Guest

    Default Calculating EDD with late O

    Just a quick Q and not sure if here is appropriate.

    My GP said that you still use date of LMP rather than date of O.

    I O'd on CD 30 so Im thinking that using O date would be right, or would it?

    Which is more accurate, can anyone tell me?


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    Hi Woozie

    None of these methods are accurate sorry to say. The nost accurate way to find out your EDC is by your first US and even this can be out by a week either way.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Woozie

    I also O late on the cycle I conceived and had to have an u/s like Alan has said to get a EDD(and because my cycles were all over the place).They gave me a date of 8/9 and by my calculations I was due 11/9 but I ended up going overdue anyway and being induced!!I don't think they can ever give you a really accurate date, especially when your cycles are not spot on 28 days.

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    woozie Guest


    Oh ok then. Im none the wiser either way. Im guessing August (11) is going to be closer to dates than July (27) so Ill go with that for now until dating scan is done.

    Thanks for replying Alan & Kirsty

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    Woozie - its really dangerous to get too hung up on an EDD as different babies require different amounts of time to cook.
    Your 12 weeks U/S is the most accurate way of predicting EDD, but even then, noone can tell you if your baby is a 38 weeker or a 42 weeker.
    babies dont need 40 weeks, they need somewhere between 38 and 42 weeks.
    Just say early August! LOL, I'm due July 27th, but I'm saying late July early August this time. No dates for me!!!

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    woozie Guest


    Thanks Fi

    I guess too much information isnt always a good thing huh.

    My 1st (DS22) & 2nd (DD13) were both born on their EDDs & my 3rd (DD4) was 10 days early.

    I wasnt charting then & was none the wiser as to O date, actually I was very uneducated then as to how things worked.

    Wouldnt you think theyd have issued instruction manuals about all of this LOL!

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    Mason was conceived when I was having a longer cycle so when I told my OB he brought my first day of my cycle forward a week to make me normal, (ie O'd 2 weeks after the first day of bleeding instead of 3) and then checked it with the ultrasound to confirm the EDD. Mason was born on his EDD BTW!

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