thread: Can anyone help me here with implatation bleeding??

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    rebecca27 Guest

    Can anyone help me here with implatation bleeding??

    Hi i need your help ladies.

    We have been TTC for 2 months and this month i experienced a brownish pinkish discharge? Ive had this for the last two days but im really not sure where im at in my cycle if i Od on CD26 (which is normal for me) then it could mean implatation bleeding. Ive never had this before in my life so im hoping it is. Did anyone here have something similar to this? If it is implatation spotting how many days do i have to wait before testing? My discharge is heaps watery and it has stained my undies only slightly though its mostly dark brown but i did have a spot of pinkish blood yesterday.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Hi Rebecca,

    Sounds pretty good. I had implantation bleeding for about 2 days right when AF was due, and heaps of cramping, so it tricked me for a week or two until I could get home and test (we were on holiday in Vietnam!). I had never heard of it before, so I was sure the baby was only holding on by a thread, which was silly of course.
    Mine was sort of like the end of a period, so sort of brownish I guess, and it was pretty light flow.

    Good luck - hope its a BFP for you!! There aer tests that let you check up to 5 days before AF is due, if you use the first morning wee, so maybe tomorrow it could be worth trying it out.


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    rebecca27 Guest

    Thanx Fi for your help. I will probably test on Thursday. Im hoping it is implatation. Thanx again for your help & support.

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    Mar 2004

    Good luck with testing on thursday :luck: .