thread: Can someone answer some questions for me??

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    Can someone answer some questions for me??

    I went to my doctor on monday about being pregnant and she was nice but not very informative. I have just recently moved from sydney so i dont really know who to go to etc so i just went to my local doctor.

    All she basically said was "congratulations" "dont drink or smoke"

    i really need to know, how often should i go and see a doctor?
    She has referred me to an Ob and i have made an appointment for 21st November so hopefully they can tell me a bit more but i just want to know things like, should i be taking anything apart from folic acid?
    Should i be getting my hcg levels checked?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry if i sound a bit vague,this is all new to me and i need some guidence!

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    Hi Dee,

    Firstly congratulations on yuor pregnancy, I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

    I take Vitamen B6, predominately because it helps with morning sickness and folic acid. My OB then recommends you either take Blackmores or Elevit pregnancy tablets from 16 weeks.

    As for your HCG levels, they only really need to be tested if you either have problems. I had bleeding at 5.5 weeks after that my HCG levels were taken every day to make sure that they were increasing, I was then sent for an ultrasound to make sure everything looked okay. I have not heard of people checking HCG levels if there are no problems.

    This website has grea tinformation or I found calling the nureses at the family planning clinic very helpful if you wanted a quick answer.

    Hope that helps.


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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    My doc first time round was very similar.

    You don't need to see a doctor before your first OB visit unless you feel there is something wrong. If everything is plain sailing you will then visit your OB every month until the last 8 weeks I think where it increase to fornightly then weekly.

    Last time I was just on Folic acid tablets until I visited my OB who recommended the likes of Elevit or Blackmores Preg tablets - consequently I'm just taking them from day dot of finding out I'm pregnant as is a friend of mine who's pregnant (and a midwife).

    I found most of my info via reading websites etc and a few books although you really need to take everything with an open mind and not overanalyse it all or some of the stuff from books can only make you worry more.

    The OB will do bloods etc to check different things at your first visit.

    Websites can help highlight what foods should be avoided etc and what to expect at appointments

    Otherwise just keep asking questions in places like this and someone will pop in and be able to help.

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    Dee - My GP did all the initial blood tests and gave me a referral for my OB.

    You don`t need to see your DR before your first OB appointment unless your worried about something then I`d suggest visiting your GP otherwise your OB will do all the blood tests if your GP hasn`t done so.

    I was on Elevit but my OB recommended just to take Folate.

    Congratulations again

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    Thanks everyone,

    i saw my GP yesterday and she referred me to an Ob so i guess ill just wait for that appointment to come around and we will go from there!!

    its just so worrying, i didnt think it would be this stressful. I dont even want to have a cup of tea in case its bad for me!

    and i thought TTC was stressful.....geez!!!