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    Nov 2004

    Can't sleep


    I have been waking up at about 3:00am every morning for the last week and can't sleep. It is 3:53am Sat morning in Melbourne. Not sure what the time is on this site as it doesn't match. I work full time and have been getting a little tired mid afternoon but not too bad. I was 4 weeks last Thursday and tested yesterday so maybe I will get more tired as the pregnancy progresses.

    Yesterday at 3am I got up went to the toilet, had some water and applyed some moisturiser to my continually dry skin (this little ritual happens every night). When I went back to bed I had quite bad nausea but it is the only time I have had it. Might be too early but hoping it will not be too bad. Thinking of ordering some Preggie Pops, anyone use them?

    Our cat wants his breakfast and our 3 kelpies are also up. Might have to go back to bed soon as one of the dogs is playing with the cat and making some noise and don't want to wake my husband.


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    Oh Gemma, I so know what you mean.

    It's 6.38am Saturday morning - I'm in Melbourne too, and I've been awake since around 5am. Not as bad as 3am but trust me it still aint pretty.

    As with any sensible pregnant woman, I'm here reading through the forums, enjoying the quiet. I must be crazy as it's my DH's 40th birthday party tonight so I'm on for a busy day and a long night. We're still debating as to whether we should make an announcement at the party - it's really only a smallish party with family and a few close friends coming, and it's at our place. I guess being 6w 6d it's still early, but hey, as someone posted on a BB forum, I'd rather tell early and if something goes wrong(which it wont!) we've got support.

    Now, what to wear tonight?!!!!! :smt102

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    Gemma, to get your times right, go to the profile link at the top, click the profile tab, then down the bottom is a "profile settings" link. You can change your settings there.

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    Hi Gemma.

    A few girls around these forums have had Preggie Pops work for them. I only know of one case where they didn't but her morning sickness was pretty severe.

    Goodluck with your pregnancy.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Sarah, thanks for the hint on changing the time. My time was GMT, but being a newbie I'm still learning lots.

    What are Preggie Pops, and what do they do?



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    The Preggie Pops aren't still available are they? Didn't Kel take them off because of labelling issues?


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    I think she found a couple of boxes when she moved and unpacked, I dont know if they have been sold yet though.

    i have trouble sleeping every night because DH is a really restless sleeper, he tosses and turns constantly. most nights we start off together, but one of us ends up in the the other bedroom before the nights out!