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Thread: Clexane injections during pregnency.

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    Default Clexane injections during pregnency.

    I have Factor 5 Leiden, a blood disorder which increases my chances of blood clots. This is suposedly hereditary, but with no family history it seems to start with me. This was discovered after my first pregnency failed at 23 weeks and two weeks later I had thrombosis. At the age of 21 I thought it was an old peoples problem.
    As a result I had to have daily injections of clexane. Starting from 12 weeks gestation till 6 weeks after my babies were born.
    I have had 3 children and had to use clecane. I was also able to breast feed. This I feel caused me no problems except inconvinence and a bit of discomfort. But when I look at my children it is all worth while. I am now 11 weeks pregnent with my fourth child. I am expecting to be given my stash of clexane in the next week or so. For those worried I would say I trust clexane and may not be here or have any of my children if it wasnt available. Thrombosis can kill

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    I will need to do the same for the next pregnancy. Here's hoping it happens soon .... I don't want to wait anymore

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