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    hi everyone, I'm only 7-8 weeks pregnant but already my clothes are starting to feel tight around the waist. I'm probably just bloated but I'm wondering when it will stop and when others started to buy maternity clothes?


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    I bought my first maternity clothes about 13 weeks. I too felt bloated and by 12 weeks I was struggling to do my buttons on my jeans up. My tops seem to be OK it was just the pants. Now I'm 17 weeks and I need tops too. My bloatedness seems to turn into tummy so it never really went away.

    I hope this helps.

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    I'm afraid its not going to stop LOL.

    With Lindsay I got to the 12-13wk mark before my clothes got tight, and started to wear maternity pants etc, but with the girls I was in maternity gear from 8wks.

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    Hi there,

    Im in some maternity stuff now.. and have been since about 7-8 weeks. I use to wear semi tight clothes before and am too bloated now to fit into them. But mostly am wearing long skirts with elastic waist as im finding it hard to find maternity pants that are long enough (some times sux being tall!!). Ive just been wearing longer singlet type tops with them (not maternity ones). Thats what working for me atm.. but when winter comes and its too cold to wear skirts i might just have to wear my trackies to work!! haha.. im sure theyll loveee that!

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    HI there,

    i have only had to buy maternity clothes last weekend!
    Although i am quite big, i have found that wearing my pants and jeans half open and a long lycra singlet top over it has been fine.

    You can get those material belly belts too which are great if you want to leave your pants undone but be covered. there are about 30cm in width and are made of lycra and go around your waist, otherwist really long singlet tops do the trick.

    Probably best to invest in some maternity clothes anyway as you are going to need them eventually!

    Good luck

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    I'm nearly 17 weeks and am just starting to find my pants are getting snug and won't do up properly!!! A lot of my skirts have elastic waists and still fit. But I think I'm going to have to go and buy some black pants for work very very soon.

    As for tops I just buy cheap ones from Cotton On. A lot of the styles have the drop waist band and are baggy around the tummy. These are great. I wore this type of thing before I was pregnant anyway.

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    Me tooo. Early stages but my pants are already tight - tops are fine. I have started wearing maternity bras already - very comfortable. I have been putting a hair tie in the button hole, that is prooving difficult. I think I might buy some larger normal black pants for work for the mean time.

    It's strange for me, as last pg I wasn't showing until 24 weeks.....

    Best of luck ladies =D>

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