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Thread: CM Question (TMI Maybe)

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    Default CM Question (TMI Maybe)

    Hi, Just after some advise , I am 11weeks and 6 days pg with my first and over the past few weeks i have been getting this very very light brownish cm.. it doesn't really smell , maybe just a little bit, but nothing out of the normal.... does this sound OK or should i be going to the dr's for a check up...
    Thanks for your help....

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    Hi Rach

    I have never had this before, I'm sure it's nothing, but I would strongly suggest going to a dr. It is much better to have something chkd asap then to let things go and then find out later that things could have been different if something was detected earlier. All the best.


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    I would've thought that there is probably nothing to worry about... but as Helen suggested, it's a good idea to at least mention it to your doctor for them to investigate. If for nothing else than to get reassurance that all is going well.

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    ~Sarah~ Guest


    Hey Rach....I had this yesterday....brown is better then red though! Have a look at your calander to see if it started when AF would have come cause I worked out that my AF would have been due yesterday....I have heard that it is common to get some spotting for the first couple of times your AF would have been due....still worth mentioning to the Dr.

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