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    Danielle20 Guest

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    I've been pondering about this all day, I'm 7 weeks pregnant, I had a few cramps yesterday then last night i got a stand grey mucus with a bit of pink at the end after going to the toilet, i've had nothing since, but my pelvic region has been sore since, do you think anything could be wrong?

    I don't have any infections or diseases as my gp did a workup last week, i also had a scan last friday which showed bub in the uterus with a nice fast heartbeat.

    Should i be worried?


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    kriminal Guest


    Hi Dannielle,
    It's hard not to worry, and I am nowhere an expert, but i would get it checked, for your own peace of mind if anything. I am 6 weeks, 2 days preg with my third, and have been bleeding for the last 2 weeks. However everything seems to be progressing normally. I also bled with number 2, for the whole enitre pregnancy, and delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl so it doesn't necessarily mean there is anything wrong. I also read somewhere on this forum that one woman's ob told her that once they've seen a heartbeat the chances of losing it are minimal, I have no idea if this is true, but it's been a comfort for me. (I have had a scan but it was too early to tell if their was a heartbeat so I'm going for another one next week.) good luck, and try not to stress, I know it's hard!

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    Danielle20 Guest


    Well i started bleeding yesterday, so was sent into my specialist thinking a m/c, to learn we've had a threatening m/c and our little bean was still there and beating away

    The good thing is the bleeding has stopped, so that's a good sign, i'm to stay on complete bed rest and as long as i don't have any further bleeding go back in 2 weeks.

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    kriminal Guest


    Hi Dannielle,
    I know how distressing this can all be but hang in there and stay positive! I'm on complete bed rest too and I am getting very sick of the four walls, I have cabin fever big time. My bleeding seems to have settled somewhat but it's still there so i'm trying not to get too complacent! Good luck and take care!
    Positive vibes to you and your little bean!!!!

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    I had green mucus around 7 weeks, before I knew I was pg, and it freaked me out. All gone now though! Might be the mucus plug, that's what I was told.

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