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    Question Constipation

    constipation! It has become a problem. I am eating a more fibre enriched diet, and drinking more fluids but have had no success.....My visits to the loo are disappointing It has been 4 days now since my last successful visit to the loo (i had no other nice way to put And now im starting to think all sorts of nasty thoughts...will this inability to empty my bowels kill it dangerous for the baby? I have herbal laxatives here at home...but on the labels they state to seek medical advice first. I also take pregnancy vitamins... which include iron..and have read that these can sometimes make constipation worse.... I am hating this uncomfortable situation, which will no doubt be continuing throughout the pregnancy....ugh! Is anyone going through this ordeal...any advice on the matter???

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    I know how you feel. I'd be asking your doctor before you take anything, herbal included. Or even give the L&D ward a quick call for some over-the-phone advice. They do that, I had to do it last pregnancy to ask them a question about meds and they were more than happy to answer.

    Failing that, a good dose of licorice (preferably Darrell Lea) works for me every time. And then once I've cleared the "backlog" I try to eat heaps of dried apricots, prunes and figs to keep things moving. Along with drinking heaps and heaps of water to try and keep things softer.

    Good luck. Hope you can get it all sorted soon.


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    Hi Mysti,
    You poor thing, its so uncomfortable! Just dont do any "pushing" when you do go, it can bring on the roids!
    Im lucky enough to not really have this problem, i go at least once a day however if i feel like i should or i havent been i have something that makes me go, like Mumintaz said, i know for me it can be a warm milo, fish $ chips (must be the oil!) or plenty of fruit.

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    I feel your pain. My stomach was like a football on the weekend and I felt bloated and grumpy.

    I have found in the past couple of days though, that eating half a grapefruit as part of my breakfast has got things moving. By the time I get to work, I am pratically running to the loo.

    A good espresso used to do the trick before, but now I have to rely on grapefruit Maybe even some lemon juice (Easy for me to say, I'm currently addicted to lemons or anything acidic and its the only thing that wards off the nausea too).

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    Pears can help with constipation. Eat them with the skin on. If this does not help you can get some coloxyl and senna tablets from the chemist. Take 2 3 a day. It usually takes 24 48 hours for them to work. And they are OK to take when pregnant

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    I had problems taking the Blackmore Pregnancy Gold multi-vitamin. When stopped taking them it took several days until things returned to normal.

    It may pay to look into what is causing the problem. It could be the Iron in your vitamins too?

    A natural laxative is dried prunes. They won't hurt the baby at all. They are nice chopped up and sprinkled on museli or yoghurt. Also try increasing your water intake. It will help loosen things up and release any toxins hanging around.

    Good luck.

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    Warm water and gentle exercise can also help. Hope it disappears soon...

    There was a thread about this not long ago - have a look in there for some of the other suggestions some of the girls came up with... I'd paste it here but can't work out how!


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    I have found that prunes work really well. Just three or four of them would work wonders LOL! If you eat some dried fruit, or drink pear juice every day that should help it from returning.

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