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Thread: Corpus luteum cyst

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    Default Corpus luteum cyst

    Hi ladies,
    Just had my first scan at 6weeks, 4 days - all is great with the exception that they found a corpus luteum cyst.
    At least I have an explanation for the mild pain I've been having.

    Has anyone else had/got one of these? What is usually done.. and can they hurt my pregnancy?

    Haven't had a chance to see my OB yet to ask her... and sometimes hearing from people who have experienced something is more helpful.


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    Bec Guest


    Hi Anna,

    Yes I had this that caused a few problems very early in my pregnancy (5 weeks)

    I was woken one night at 4am by sharp pain in my lower right side and I thought the worst.

    The next day I went to see Ob and he told me about the cyst and I had to get it checked out at a scans place.

    It was 6cm big and about 2-3 weeks after they found it, I had sharp pain again and that was it birsting and going away.

    I think the most extreme thing they would do is remove it, but they do not do that often.

    Just try and keep an eye on it and if you get pain in that area call your Dr straight away.

    Hopefully it just goes away for you like mine did.



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    kerrie Guest


    Hi there

    I think I have one of these too. My GP did a scan in her consulting room and saw the mass and sent me off to another town to see a 'real' radiologist as she suspected an ectopic. It is far too large to be a sac, and the radiologist said that considering the size of the mass, she should have been able to see a fetal pole or something if it WAS an ectopic. It was at the start of last week at 5w, so a bit early. I'm 6w today, and going for another look at my GP's tomorrow.

    Apparently this sustains a preg until the placenta takes over.

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    shar_z08 Guest


    Hi there,

    Just wondering if you have a cyst is it connected to your bladder. My ob mentioned that i have a big bladder so he told me to have ultrasound,he said it could have be 2 babies inside , im just 6 weeks pregnant and im a bit scared.

    I felt a mild pain on the bottom right of my stomach which sends a bit of crampiness on my right leg and a bit of pain in my abdomen, is it just normal?

    Has anyone just got one of these?... Advise would be a great help.


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